What we can do for you

Is your company active within Business Development, Innovation and SMEs? Then EEA and Norway Grants may be a relevant source to get your projects financed.

Who can get funding

If you are a company or other eligible entity located in one of our partner countries, you can apply for funding from one of the Programmes running in your country.

If you are a Norwegian company or other eligible entity, you can receive funding as a project partner to activities taking place in the different EEA and Norway Grants partner countries. 

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From Waste to Value


Ermax in Poland recycles plastic PET-bottles using machines from the Norwegian company Tomra. Sticky, old bottles get a new life as colourful flakes that can be used again and again thanks to financial support from Norway Grants.

Upcoming Events

September 19     9:00 AM –5:30 PM     Doga, Hausmanns gate 16

Horizon2020 Matchmaking

September 27     8:45 AM –4:00 PM     Opera House in Oslo

e-ESTONIA - Insight into the World’s Most Advanced Digital Nation

September 27     11:00 AM –5:00 PM     Stavanger Forum, Gunnar Warebergs gate 13

Nordic Edge Expo 2017 - Brokerage event

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Green Industry Innovation Bulgaria

Industrial Future with help from Bulgaria

The ability to sit in an office and control heavy industrial machinery using an iPad is already a reality. If it is happening in your company then ICB Bulgaria may have a hand in the game.


Craftspeople for a day

Craftspeople for a day

Green Industry Innovation Project "Comana crafts Village" supports green crafts business models that use renewable energy and re-use waste.