Apply for Travel Support SMEs Growth Romania

Call for Travel Support - Programme “SMEs Growth Romania” 

The Call for Travel Support is now opened and a total budget of EUR 50,000 is available.

Step 1 - Travel Support Guideline

Step 2 - Disbursement and Reporting

The objective of the Travel Support is to facilitate establishment of bilateral partnerships between the Donor States and Romania with the intent to participate in the upcoming call(s) under the programme PA01 - SMEs Growth Romania.

Entities from Romania and the three Donor States can apply for funding. The applicants must be constituted as legal entities in Romania or one of the Donor States Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein. All information regarding the eligibility conditions are included in the Guidelines for Travel Support which could be read here.

Step 1 - Apply

Online Application form is available in this section further down. Please note that Innovation Norway written approval is required prior to your travel! 

Applications for Travel Support will be assessed and awarded by Innovation Norway on a continuous basis (until the depletion of the available budget).

Step 2 - Disbursement of funds and reporting

The funds will be offered based on reimbursement principle. The expenditures will be covered by the applicant from his own funds and a reimbursement request will be submitted to Innovation Norway after the travel. 

Click here for reimbursement request and here for de minimis aid declaration

Fill out this application form

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Applicant website:
Main line of business (main NACE code – 4 digits):
Main purpose of the travel and meetings:
Programme area targeted by the future partnership (only one area):

The expected outcome of visit to Romania/ Norway/ Iceland/ Liechtenstein:
Meeting agenda in Romania/ Norway/ Iceland/ Liechtenstein (main topics planned to be discussed):
Information about the entity(ies) that the applicant plans to meet: 
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Contact person:
E-mail address 1:
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Contact person:
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Name of the entity 3 (if the case):
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Meeting location:
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