Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System

NOREPS - The Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System is a public-private network mandated by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to: 

- advise Norwegian companies about the UN and the international humanitarian and development market

- pre-position relief items and life-saving equipment

- respond to emergency relief needs

- foster innovation and support development of products and sustainable solutions

New program to strengthen Norwegian solutions to global challenges


Do you want to gain greater understanding of the humanitarian and development market and how your company can contribute to solving global challenges and at the same time creating new business opportunities? Would you like to explore how doing good can be good business? 

Market opportunities in the UN City, Copenhagen - new report


The UN City in Copenhagen holds 9 UN agencies plus the nearby UNICEF depot, and is a central hub for UNs global procurement. This recent report provides an overview of the agencies present in the city, how and what they buy, and how Norwegian suppliers can contribute to innovation, partnerships and sustainability. 

How to do business with the United Nations


Did you attend the UN Procurement Seminar in Copenhagen this month and would like to recap on the information from the stage? Or perhaps you did not get the chance to attend and want to learn more about how to do business with the UN? Now you can find all the presentations on the UNGM website. 


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