UNOPS Possibilities Portal


The UNOPS Possibilities Portal invites small- and medium-sized enterprises to demontstrate how your product or service can enhance the possibilities of UNOPS's projects, withe the aim of improving the results of UNOPS's work around the world, in service of people in need.

Hackathon for social impact


Last week UN Women and Innovation Norway welcomed hackers, humanitarian workers, blockchain experts and innovators to a 36-hour hackathon on how blockchain technology can help give refugees a secure, digital identity.

We are launching NOREPS 2.0


The number of companies in the NOREPS network has grown substantially in the last few years and we are therefore launching a new structure for our services to ensure we deliver the most suitable offerings to all participants. We call the new upgrade NOREPS 2.0.


January 1 –December 31     12:00 AM –12:00 AM    

Overview of upcoming events 2017

June 6     10:30 AM –2:00 PM     Akersgata 13

Seminar for businesses operating i developing markets

June 7 –June 9     9:00 AM –5:00 PM     Gigiri, Nairobi

East Africa Humanitarian Summit

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