UNOPS 2016 annual statistical report on United Nations procurement

UNOPS has just launched the 2016 annual statistical report on United Nations Procurement. The report provides data and analysis on the goods and services procured by the United Nations system in support of its operations around the world. The report can be downloaded below.


Key figures

  • The UN procured for a total of USD 61, 23 million from Norwegian companies in 2016, compared to USD 48,29 million in 2015. This an increase of 26,8%.
  • Norway is in 2016 the 50th largest supplier to the UN, compared to the 69th largest supplier in 2015.
  • There is an increasing number of Norwegian companies targeting the UN-, humanitarian- and development market. 185 Norwegian companies are registered at UNGM in 2016 which shows that Norwegian companies are increasingly contributing to solving global challenges with innovative solutions.


Read the online interactive report here