Company services

We provide companies with knowledge and insight about the humanitarian and development market to ensure that companies have the know-how to deliver the most relevant solutions to global challenges.

Through our Global Growth program businesses explored the possibilities to contribute to fight poverty in Nairobi .

Through our Global Growth program businesses explored the possibilities to contribute to fight poverty in Nairobi.


The private sector is increasingly engaged in contributing to the challenges the world is facing and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Doing good can be good business, and we aim to provide the tools and insight to ensure win-win effects for private companies and the humanitarian community.

We provide companies with

  • advisory services; insight into the humanitarian sector, UN agencies and NGOs, their needs and procurement procedures
  • training courses; learning on topics such as tendering processes, sustainable business models, innovation partnering, human-centered design and more
  • networking and events; opportunities for networking and visibility at relevant arenas across the globe

Training courses and advisory services are included in the membership fee for participants in the NOREPS network.

Read more about the NOREPS network and apply for participation.

Are you new to this market and are looking to gain insight and learn more?

The number of companies in the NOREPS network has grown substantially in the last few years and we are therefore launching a new structure to ensure we deliver the most suitable offerings to all participants. If you are looking to gain insight and know-how about this market, how to contribute, meet the needs of beneficiaries and to do business, we are regularly offering training courses and networking events for interested companies that do not fulfill the criteria for NOREPS participation. These are specifically designed for providers of solutions for humanitarians and innovators to learn from each other, build innovation partnerships and create opportunities for visibility. Sign up for our newsletter and get updates on relevant learning and networking opportunities.