NOREPS Network Participation

The NOREPS network is a public private network to foster cooperation across sectors and disciplines to strenghten preparedness in humanitarian context. The number of companies in the NOREPS network has grown substantially in the last few years and we are therefore launching a new structure to ensure we deliver the most suitable offerings to all participants.


Norwegian non-governmental organisations, Red Cross, UN agencies and Directorate for Civil Protection are central participants in the network. Membership from the private sector side is for selected Norwegian companies.  

+ Who should become a participant in the NOREPS network?

+ What do you get as a NOREPS participant?

Apply for NOREPS participation

Please fill in the details in the form underneath to be considered for NOREPS participation, or sign up for our newsletter to be kept up to date on courses and events to learn more about how to become a successful contributor and supplier to the humanitarian market. Note that you have to read and agree to Innovation Norway's guidelines for Good Business Practice before applying for NOREPS participation.

*Please be aware that the form cannot be saved for later submission. 

Please write a short description about your company and what you do
Company website
Organisation number
Contact person
Phone number
Please list other key contacts in your company and provide their emails
Please select which sector your company belongs to
Please describe what types of contracts or partnerships you have with UN and NGOs (e.g. long term agreements, pilot)
Any other comments regarding NOREPS participation and your ambitions in the humanitarian field
Please confirm that you have understood the guidelines for Good Business Practice

Participation in the NOREPS network cost 20 000 NOK per annum. By sending in the form, you confirm that NOREPS can invoice the provided company address for the fee.