Who we are

The Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System, NOREPS, is mandated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to foster humanitarian innovation to ensure that smarter and better solutions are implemented in humanitarian operations and development projects to respond effectively to global challenges.



NOREPS Network

NOREPS is a network between Innovation Norway, The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, several UN agencies, major Norwegian humanitarian organisations (NGOs) and Norwegian companies with relevant solutions for the UN-, humanitarian and development market. 

The NOREPS team is a group of senior advisors with broad experience from the UN and the humanitarian sector.

Preparedness and innovation

NOREPS has since the early 90s worked to strengthen the cooperation between the UN and NGOs and Norwegian suppliers of quality solutions to meet the needs in the market. Preparedness has been the centre pillar in our work. With the growing humanitarian needs and funding not sufficing, the community as a whole has seen the need for innovative approaches to do more with less. The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given NOREPS an additional mandate to work more actively with innovation.

With the new mandate we aim to highlight the importance of truly understanding the needs of our partners in the humanitarian community. We believe we can strengthen Norwegian industry to deliver smarter, better and commercially viable and sustainable solutions by fostering knowledge sharing, innovation and partnerships. We experience a greater momentum and broader engagement from Norwegian businesses as an effect of the Sustainable Development Goals.