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The Baltics

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania represent new and exciting opportunities for Norwegian industry. Both production and sales opportunities are interesting in these rapidly evolving markets.

Denmark, Sweden and Finland

Denmark, Sweden and Finland constitute a market with 25 million customers. We help small and medium-sized Norwegian companies who will participate in the growth of export from Norway.


Do not miss the opportunities in one of the world 's biggest industrial nations. Reforms and increased efficiency creates new opportunities for innovative Norwegian companies in the Italian market in the years ahead. We'll help you in.


With Europe's second largest and youngest population, Turkey is a market no one should overlook. There are many opportunities with an infrastructure and economy in strong development.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of our key markets in tourism. One in ten Dutch people want to holiday in Norway, so there are good opportunities for Norwegian tourism operators to influence a travel loving people. The office in The Hague takes care of marketing and industry working in the tourism sector. For questions related to other sectors / industries you may contact the Innovation Norway office in Hamburg.


The project office in Romania manages and monitors programs and projects arising from the EEA Agreement. We help you with the Norway Grants programs Green Innovation and Decent Work. For other requests and partner searches please contact the Embassy.


Despite the economic crisis Spain is one of Norway's most important markets. Within renewable energy there are many opportunities for Norwegian industry. We provide insights into the Spanish market, contacts and understanding of Spanish bureaucracy and how to do business in spite of cultural differences.


The project office in Bulgaria manages and monitors programs and projects arising from the EEA Agreement. We help you with the Norway Grants programs Green Innovation and Decent Work. For other requests and partner searches please contact the Embassy.


France is the world's fifth largest economy, and is a natural gateway to much of Africa . Extensive investment in industry, ICT, energy and environment as well as over 70 clusters make France the perfect partner for Norwegian expertise. Contact us and see what we can do for you.


Ten percent of Norway's mainland exports go to Germany, and Germans are the largest group of foreign tourists in Norway. The size and the economic, political and cultural weight makes Germany interesting for many Norwegian companies.

Great Britain

Britain is an international hub for business, and one of the most important markets for industry and tourism. The country is, in terms of its strong ties with global markets as well as historical and linguistic position, a natural starting point for Norwegian companies with international ambitions .


Poland is a land of opportunities. Two hundred Norwegian companies have already established themselves. We'll help you into the Polish market.


Just across the border, Norway has one of the world's most exciting markets with 140 million potential customers. Does your company have what it takes to succeed? We have the experience and expertise to make it possible for you.


East Africa

East Africa is one of the fastest growing emerging markets in the World. We can give advice and help Norwegian businesses into these markets.

South Africa

The biggest economy in Africa and an important gateway to the oil and gas, maritime, ICT and green energy markets.



The Chinese Dragon continues to grow. The need for technological solutions are already enormous and will only get bigger. With one foot in China, you have one foot in Asia and one in the world, and previously unimagined possibilities in the world's second largest economy.


Indonesia constitute the world's fourth most populous nation and has a myriad of opportunities in oil and gas and renewable energy. Indonesia also provide market opportunities in fisheries , aquaculture , shipping / maritime industry, general trade and infrastructure.

South Korea

In a few decades, South Korea has developed into an economic and technological pioneer, with enormous opportunities for Norwegian companies - especially in the maritime sector, electronics, IT, seafood, health and renewable energy.


Vietnam represents an excellent option for anyone who is considering production in Southeast Asia. The country offers very exciting opportunities in oil and gas, maritime, marine sector, energy, as well as for companies in ICT. Contact us about your project!


India is the second fastest growing economy in the world. Economic fundamentals stand strong, and global interest is on a steady upswing.


Reformation and appetite for investments is what characterizes Japan after the earthquake in 2011. The Japanese have great purchasing power, and looking for new solutions and new technologies . This is an ideal market for innovative Norwegian companies. Contact us, and we take a chat about the opportunities that exist in the world's third largest economy.


Singapore is one of the best places in the world for you to develop your international business. Do as ambitious Norwegian companies - use Singapore as a base to serve Asian markets.


The growth in Thailand continues, despite the turbulence in the global economy. The country's location in Asia makes it an ideal place to start for those who want to travel quickly, both in the region and home via direct flight to Oslo. We will help you in.

North and South America


Brazil has evolved to become one of the most important international markets for Norway, and the number of Norwegian establishments has increased considerably in recent years. We help Norwegian companies to succeed when they invest in Brazil with the country's business and cultural peculiarities.

New York

New York has evolved as a leading hub for technology and innovation, offering Norwegian entrepreneurs and companies an excellent starting point for developing their knowledge of the US market, build networks and strengthen strategies to grow both in the US and internationally.

For the Norwegian travel industry New York is the best place to sell your products to the US market. We help you with marketing activities and media relations.


Do you want to expand your activities from the North Sea to the Gulf of Mexico? We help Norwegian companies in the oil and gas sector into a competitive market in Houston.


Canada is rich in natural resources. Norwegian businesses are rapidly establishing themselves in the Canadian market, as a result of recognizable market needs and common historical experiences.

Washington D.C.
San Francisco

Silicon Valley is the cradle of some of the world's largest ICT companies and has an influence in the industry that reaches all corners of the world. We provide knowledge of business and local network, so that you can get a foothold in the industry.