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Norwegian Travel Workshop

Norwegian Travel Workshop (NTW) is an annual event organised by Innovation Norway. NTW 2017 will take place in Bergen, 24th-27th April. Registration is now closed, please contact your local Innovation Norway representative”. 

Foto: Bergen Tourist Board / Robin Strand -

The Norwegian Travel Workshop has been arranged annually for more than 40 years. To be exact, the NTW in Bergen will be the 45th.

Nowadays, people can afford less and less time, have to cut budgets, and the use of technology has taken an important part in our daily business, often replacing social contacts.

However, the NTW proves, with its annual 700 participants that it is still a strong and important meeting place for the professionals working with and within the Norwegian travel industry. More than 315 buyers from 29 countries participated in Bodø together with 286 Norwegian suppliers from all over the country. The evaluation results shows that 99,5% of the buyers wrote they were satisfied or very satisfied with the NTW in Bodø, and over 95% will most probably come back next year.

Welcome to NTW 2017  in Bergen!

For more information about the host city, please see Visit Bergen