Terms and conditions NTW

Terms and conditions NTW 2018 will be updated during this autumn. Please find below the Terms and conditions NTW 2017. 

1. Place
The negotiations will take place in Dovregubbens Hall, Grieghallen. Overnight stay and
social functions in Bergen.

2. Dates
24th-27th of April 2017.

3. Buyers
The buyers must be existing or a potential buyers of Norwegian tourism products.
Participants must have the authority to enter binding agreements. The language of the
event is English.

4. Registration fee
A registration fee will be charged. The fee covers negotiations, accommodation, meals and
all services according to the guidelines given in the official programme.

5. Market Manual
As a buyer, you are asked to complete a Market Manual Form, briefly describing your company’s
business operations and the products that you will be looking for at the workshop.
A Market Manual is a handbook, and is an important tool for the participating suppliers.
Innovation Norway will claim the right to use information sent in to the Market Manual for
the planning of other activities hosted by Innovation Norway.

6. Product Manual
Similarly, the Product Manual provides essential information about the suppliers’ products
and services. You will receive this information in a digital form before planning your
negotiations, and you will receive a printed version of the Product Manual upon arrival to
Bergen on the 24th of April.

7. Appointment system
Business is based mainly on pre-booked appointments. Prior to the Workshop, buyers and
suppliers indicate which companies they wish to meet and negotiate with.

Both buyers and suppliers can request appointments in advance. An individual appointment
schedule is set up for each participant, and we also encourage you to meet on a supplier’s

Negotiations are conducted at the suppliers’ stands. Each appointment lasts for 15 minutes.
We strongly request all buyers to participate in the appointment system and pre-book a
minimum of 17 appointments. After the schedules have been sent out, you will have time
to make new appointments until the 21st of April, by sending meeting requests directly to
the supplier you wish to meet. On the 24th of April, you will receive your final and updated
schedule in your welcome kit. This is the final and valid schedule that you will have to follow
during the event.

8. Hotels
Innovation Norway will make reservations at various hotels in Bergen. You will be notified in
due time at which hotel you have been booked. Innovation Norway will not cover the costs
of accommodation if you stay in another hotel than the one attributed to you.

9. Invoice
Innovation Norway in your country will send you an invoice for the participation in the beginning
of February. The fee may vary from market to market and information will be given
by your Innovation Norway representative.

10. Cancellation
No fees will be refunded in case of cancellation after 1st of March 2017.

11. Pre and post tours
Participation in pre and post tours for NTW 2017 is free of charge, apart from costs for domestic
flights. See tour descriptions on web for price information.
Cancellation of pre and post tours after 1st March 2017 will be charged with a cancellation
fee of NOK 1000.- excl. VAT.

12. Force majeure
Circumstances outside the control of Innovation Norway, such as strikes, official and unofficial
disruptions of work/labour disputes, fires, wars, natural catastrophes, deficient subsupplies
etc. entitles Innovation Norway to terminate the agreement without any obligation
of compensation.