From Idea to marked (English) - Stavanger - 17. january

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Stavanger Prof. Olav Hanssens vei 7A, 4068 Stavanger Påmeldingsfrist: 2017-01-16 23:59 Kontaktperson: Ragnhild Espeland Gratis 17.01.2017 09:00:00 17.01.2017 10:30:00 Europe/Oslo From Idea to marked (English) - Stavanger - 17. january Prof. Olav Hanssens vei 7A, 4068 Stavanger Ragnhild Espeland

Does your entrepreneurial business have ambitions for growth? Does your business concept represent anything new or essential in the market you are entering? Then our seminar "From Idea to Market" might be something for you.

If the answers to the questions above are “No”, we recommend that you contact our Entrepreneur phone on (+47) 800 50 789. They can be a sparring partner about your business, and also possess information about other offerings that exist for entrepreneurs in Rogaland.

When registering, we kindly ask you to give a short and concise description of your business idea. You do this by describing what market need you want to cover, which target group has this need, what is your idea or solution to meet this need, and what resources you have available to develop and commercialize the solution. Describe this in a maximum of two sentences.

Business modeling Business modeling is a tool that can be used to get a simple overview of some important aspects of the business idea. The tool is easy to use as it is visual and easy to understand and will help you to identify opportunities for different business models that may be appropriate based on the business idea you have. The model provides answers to many of the same questions that Innovation Norway, the bank, potential investors and any other government supporters will ask when presenting your idea.

LEAN Startup When you develop new products and start up a business, we advise that you plan for a development process where you can test your idea on current users and partners, before making larger investments – the so-called Lean Start-Up method.

Start-up grants Do you have a business idea that represents something substantially new in your market? It may be on a regional, national or international level. Innovation Norway provides start-up grants to those who are doing or creating something others have not done before.

Read more about start-up grants.

Network and expertise Short introduction about what the region can offer you as an entrepreneur.

After the seminar there will be an opportunity to mingle with some of Innovation Norway's advisores.