Stein-Gunnar Hansen Bondevik


Telefon: +5521999300061

Mobil: +5521999300061

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Stein-Gunnar har det overordnede ansvaret for kontorets virksomhet.

Martin Nietz


Telefon: +552125686810

Mobil: +5521971752285

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Pilar Santos Neves


Telefon: +552125686812

Mobil: +5521997059449

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Pilar has worked at Innovation House Rio and Innovation Norway since 2010, and she is now involved in projects in the O&G, E&E and Tourism sectors, in addition to events assistant, practicalities and administrative tasks that she is responsible for. Pilar has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration at IBMR.

Renata Carvalho Ferreira


Telefon: +552125686805

Mobil: +5521996317611

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Renata Ferreira is responsible for the Maritime sector at IN Rio. She has been the local contact point for exhibitions such as Rio Oil & Gas, as well as part of the Oil & Gas Sector Team. Renata holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and has recently achieved Petroskills training courses on the Petroleum Industry, Offshore Systems and Subsea Systems, as well as UFRJ courses on Subsea Engineering and Environmental Analysis.

Renata Costa Prado


Telefon: +5521993123613

Mobil: +5521993123613

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Renata jobber som finansrådgiver og hennes viktigste arbeidsområder er olje & gass og turisme. Kompetanseområder inkluderer oljevernberedskap, Subsea Systems og Offshore Systems. Renata har en mastergrad i International Business fra Norges Handelshøyskole (NHH), fordypningsemne på petroleum og gass (COPPE - UFRJ) og internasjonal handel og finans (FGV - RJ), og Petroskills kurs på Petroleum Industry, Offshore Systems og Subsea Systems.

Rodrigo Bastos


Telefon: +552125686807

Mobil: +5521981150044

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Rodrigo is responsible for the accounting department of IN Rio and has been working with the Rio team since 2006. His background is Human Resources and Data Processing. In addition to that, Rodrigo is our local IT contact.

Rune Andersen

Special Advisor, Counsellor for Science and Technology

Telefon: +552125686804

Mobil: +4797685757

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Rune has worked strengthening the commercial and RD&I ties between Norway and Brazil for several years from the Oslo office. Since 2012, Rune has worked based at Rio office. Rune has an extensive knowledge about the Brazilian culture, institutions and language. In addition, he works in close cooperation with clusters and research institutions. He has a MSc in Economics from the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration.

Stefani Lima


Telefon: +552135440000

Mobil: +5521994090817

Avdeling: Rio de Janeiro

Stefani Lima has been with Innovation Norway in Rio de Janeiro since 2008. She is Receptionist at the Innovation House Rio. She is responsible for answering and screening calls and correspondences. Stefani also welcomes incoming guests, schedules meetings and supports office logistics. She also assists the IHR Coordinator and the incubated companies in their daily routines at the office. Her background is in Administration Support.