11 Norwegian food companies, mostly seafood, have met their potential customers & partners

11 Norwegian food companies, mostly seafood, have met their more than 110 potential customers & partners within 4 hours, 09:00~13:00 on the 1st of November, at Grand Hyatt Hotel Seoul;  Salmar, Coast Seafood, Seaborn, Ocean Quality, Bravo Seafood, Nils Sperre, Nergård, Norfra, ColdWater Prawns of Norway, Cape Fish, TINE. 


After a short greeting by Norwegian and Finnish side, each Nordic company received 7~10 Korean guests for 2 hours: 10 scheduled meetings for Norwegian participants in 15 min efficiency! It was said by Norwegian participants that the meetings were well organized and Korean guests were serious about their business with Norwegian exporters. All after the 110 scheduled meetings, 25 additional meetings were suggested, by Innovation Norway Seoul giving relevant contact information, to related Norwegian participants to further contact them later after the event.

In parallel with the B2B meetings, there were cooking shows by Norwegian chef to promote high quality and tastes of Norwegian seafood. Norwegian Seafood Council(NSC) sponsored the Norwegian Chef to give strong impression about the seafood from Norway. Thus, Korean guests were able to enjoy the show and try the tastes of the Norwegian seafood served by the chef on site.

Nordic Food & Beverage Event ended with a Nordic network lunch buffet, which was mainly composed of Norwegian seafood served by the Norwegian chef and Korean chefs at the Grand Hyatt hotel together. Korean guests gave us very positive feedback regarding the high quality of the lunch buffet, and Norwegian participants were able to extend their discussion and networking with their potential customers/partners through the lunch program.

Through NSC, the Norwegian Embassy and Innovation Norway, this event was released by an English Newspaper, food magazine, etc.