Global Growth - Tech Solutions for Smart Cities in India

New market entry program for Norwegian tech companies offering solutions for Indian Smart Cities. Do you want to gain greater understanding of the Indian Smart Cities Mission and the business opportunities it offers to companies such as yourselves?

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Meet Business Partners Would you want to meet potential business partners and learn from experts on pitching your solution for the Indian market?
Innovation Norway is recruiting companies for a new Global Growth program on tech solutions for Indian smart cities focusing on positioning Norwegian companies in the fast growing smart cities space in the market. The aim is to make your company better equipped to deliver smarter and more efficient solutions to this challenging market which is currently experiencing tremendous needs.

The program provides you with:

  • Top notch mentoring from industry professionals and an active advisor following your progress.
  • Undergo training with experts to validate your offering, business model and position your business to prospective customers, partners and channels in India.
  • Understand the cultural nuances of doing business in India and learn how to pitch your business in the emerging market
  • Opportunity to network with Indian/foreign stakeholders actively engaged in Indian smart city projects through customized B2B meetings, site visits
  • Participate in smart city events in India and Norway to showcase your expertise and network with relevant businesses.
  • Program lasting approx. 6-8 months

Smart Cities India Mission was launched in June 2015 with USD 15 billion funding from the Indian Government. 100 cities have been shortlisted with a total of 60 cities cleared for funding. The Mission will be executed through formation of Special Purpose Vehicles, Joint Ventures, Public Private Partnership, Subsidiaries, and turnkey solutions.

The requirements in India are varied and encompass, among other areas:

  • Renewable energy; Smart distribution and management
  • Water, Waste management and Sanitation
  • Infrastructure, Transport, Safety and Security
  • Good governance and Smart ICT solutions, Cybersecurity
  • Healthcare The program will have tailor made components for the market as well as for each individual company. We therefore want to map the initial interest and the profile of the potential participants before developing and sharing more specific details of the program.

We look for companies with the following attributes:

  • Ambition to deliver smart and efficient solutions to the Indian market in developing smart cities
  • Aspiration to grow and strengthen its competitiveness in this field
  • Global mindset and scalable solutions
  • Market potential or already delivering to the market and aiming to grow its position and visibility
  • Contributing to solutions within sustainable energy, ICT, water & sanitation, health or any of the abovementioned requirement areas
  • Prepared to allocate resources to participate in sessions in Norway and India in 2017-18
  • Strategic focus and engagement of leader / decision maker / key resource in the company

Major activities:

  • Training session and study trip to India to meet industry experts, companies/government organisations engaged in smart cities in India. The visit will be a mix of expert talks on Indian smart cities, business modeling, pitch training, site visits, one-to-one mentoring, B2B meetingsgroup/individual, networking reception (tentative duration: 5 working days, 1-2 cities)
  • Smart city seminar in Norway to follow-up on the study trip, prepare action plan, refine business model and strategy (approach to market), identify potential business partners, pitch training with IN Norway (tentative duration: 1 day)
  • Business trip to India for matchmaking purposes. This will include focused business meetings, group and individual, pitching for business, networking session with Indian stakeholders (tentative duration: 5 working days, 1-2 cities)
  • Wrap-up and decide own company steps (Norway) 10-15 companies will be selected to participate in the program which starts mid-2017.

Participation fee for the program will be NOK 18000 per SME/startup representative. Travel, accommodation and meal expenses are not included.

Interested companies are requested to contact:

Helge Tryti, Director Innovation Norway India
M India: +91 99100 84524
M Norway: +47 934 80 899

Asheesh Agarwal, Senior Market Advisor Innovation Norway, New Delhi
T. +91 11 49099201
M. +91 9871567786