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Global Growth - Defense solutions in the US

The program is for Norwegian companies that want to sell solutions to the US defense. These are specific opportunities through the Pentagon's Defense Innovation Unit (DIU), which Innovation Norway has entered into a collaboration on a coordinated process.

Norwegian version: Global Growth - Forsvarsløsninger i USA

Who can participate?

The export program increases competence and guides companies interested in selling products or services to DIU or other parts of the US defense market. The program provides comprehensive training and resources that will help businesses navigate the complex process of selling to the military.


Introductory Webinar

  • Online webinar to introduce participants to the program.
  • Explain the importance of the military market and the opportunities it offers.

Educational Modules

Join a series of online modules covering essential topics such as:

  • Understanding the Military Procurement Process
  • Compliance and Regulatory Requirements
  • Product/Service Adaptation for Military Use
  • Market Research and Targeting
  • Pricing Strategies for Government Contracts
  • Proposal Writing and Submission

Case Studies

  • Provide real-world case studies of successful companies that have sold to the military
  • Analyze their strategies, challenges, and lessons learned

Guest Speakers and Experts

  • DIU Online session
  • DIU F2F session
  • Invite industry experts, government officials, and successful vendors to provide insights through webinars or live Q&A sessions.

Compliance and Certification Assistance

  • Help companies understand and navigate the various compliance standards and certifications required for selling to the military

Networking Opportunities & Market Visits

Facilitate networking events, forums, or conferences where participants can connect with military procurement professionals and other vendors.

  • BiFrost Summit / High level visit in Q1
  • NADIC conference April 2024

One-on-One Consultations


The deadline for registration has expired and the program is fully booked. A limited amount of companies will have access to the program due to capacity restrictions.

Onboarding companies and doing adjustments to details of the program to make it fit to the participating companies will happen throughout November 2023.

Digital seminars are planned from December 2023-April 2024.

The planned market visits will be done during spring 2024.

We plan to finish the first round of the program until summer 2024.


NOK 25.000 per company, including one participant per enterprise. The program includes all seminars and activities.

Additional in-kind hour costs to join as well as all travel costs have to be covered by the companies.

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