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  • Even more Norwegian companies can now get support from the EU

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    The Norwegian government has today given the green light for several EU programmes that are important for Norwegian business: Horizon Europe, the Digital Europe Programme, the EU Space Programme and COSME.

    -This is very good news for Norwegian companies all over the country. Norwegian participation in the EU's research and innovation programmes are important tools for internationalisation and export. Norwegian companies have access to networks, expertise and capital that lay the foundation for further growth, says Håkon Haugli, CEO of Innovation Norway.

    Innovation Norway follows the development of the programmes closely and notes that they respond well to the needs of the business sector and to the major societal challenges we must solve in the near future.

    High ambitions for Horizon Europe

    Horizon Europe replaces Horizon 2020, covering the period 2021-2027. The total framework is 75.9 billion euros. The EU is now investing more in innovation, and in small and medium-sized enterprises. Norwegian business and industry have asserted themselves well in Horizon 2020 and collected significant funding.

    -In the past year, there has been a positive development for Norwegian companies with a record high return from the EU's EIC Accelerator, among others. In an announcement this summer, Norwegian companies were offered a total of NOK 500 million in grants and equity from the EIC Accelerator. Only French companies collected more than the Norwegian ones. This makes me confident that Norwegian companies are well equipped for competing with the best in the future. Our role is to mobilise Norwegian businesses to participate in the EU programmes and get them ready to compete with companies from all over Europe, says Haugli.

    Innovation Norway will together with the Research Council and others contribute to the interaction between these programmes and the national business support system in order to strengthen Norwegian business opportunities for internationalisation and exports.

    Digitization, scaling and exporting

    The other programmes the Government has given the go-ahead for are the Digital Europe Programme, the Space Programme and COSME.

    Digital Europe emphasizes the use of new technology. There is a great interest among Norwegian companies and the programme will contribute to increased digitisation of Norwegian business. COSME will contribute to scaling, and is of great interest to Norwegian SMEs and industry6 clusters.

    -Each of the programmes offers great opportunities for Norwegian business, but combined we get a range of opportunities that take advantage of synergies. It has a huge impact on businesses and workplaces throughout the country. I am pleased to see that the national budget takes into account synergies between the European programmes. Innovation Norway appreciates the trust placed in us, and will do our part of the job. We look forward to the further dialogue with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries about Norway's ambitions and how to achieve them, says Håkon Haugli.

    Innovation Norway wants to:

    • Ensure that European programmes contribute to the restructuring of Norwegian business
    • Help Norwegian companies that receive support from the EU succeed over time with scaling and exports
    • Help Norwegian companies, clusters and the public sector to solve societal challenges by participating in European collaboration projects