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Is your company active within Business Development, Innovation and SMEs? Then EEA and Norway Grants may be a relevant source to get your projects financed.

Who can get funding

If you are a company or other eligible entity located in one of our partner countries, you can apply for funding from one of the Programmes running in your country.

If you are a Norwegian or Icelandic company or other eligible entity, you can receive funding as a project partner to activities taking place in the different EEA and Norway Grants partner countries. 

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Photo credit: Maciek Nabradalik

The Social Dialogue - Decent Work programme funded by Norway Grants was launched last year in 11 European countries. A call for project proposals focusing on strengthening tripartite cooperation between employer organisations, trade unions and public authorities, promoting decent work and facilitating access to the labour market has resulted in 61 applications. A second call under the Programme will be launched later this year.

At the initiative of the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in Norway and the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), a bilateral seminar was held in Bucharest, Romania on June 18-19, 2019, with support from Innovation Norway which is the program operator for the EEA and Norway Grants funded Energy Programme in Romania.  

Green Industry Innovation Bulgaria

Industrial Future with help from Bulgaria

The ability to sit in an office and control heavy industrial machinery using an iPad is already a reality. If it is happening in your company then ICB Bulgaria may have a hand in the game.