Energy Programme in Romania

 Dan Meyers, Unsplash
Dan Meyers, Unsplash

No more calls are planned under the Energy Programme in Romania

The LAST call of the 2014-2021 funding period of the EEA and Norway Grants is now opened. If interested in supporting awareness-raising, training and competence-building on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security within your organisation, take a look at the call text.



Important Information and fact sheets


About the Energy Programme

The Energy Programme in Romania consists of five focus areas (more information below). The expected long term programme impact is less carbon intensive energy and increased security of supply in Romania. The programme will also enable the establishment of new businesses and jobs in energy field, which will lead to positive social benefits for local communities.

Further enquires about the Energy Programme in Romania may be done via the programme e-mail address: 







Examples of funded projects under the Energy Programme in Romania can be found here.