Energy Programme Romania,Other Renewable Energy Sources

 Moritz Kindler
Moritz Kindler

A new Call for Proposals is launched under the Energy Programme in Romania, financed through Norway Grants: Call 3.1 ‘Increased capacity to deliver renewable energy’ Other Renewable Energy Sources (RES)'

Read the call text in English: Call for Proposal, Call 3.1 – Other Renewable Energy Sources

Read the call text in Romanian: Call for Proposal, Call 3.1 – Other Renewable Energy Sources

See the mandatory attachments and essential reding below. 


Wednesday, 8 September 2021, 14:00 (Romanian time)

Projects can last until April 2024 at the latest.

Available funding

A total of 4,608,100 euro. 

Between 200,000 euro and 2,000,000 euro per project.


The projects should contribute to "increased installed capacity for production of energy/electricity with other Renewable Energy Sources" and "increased number of new installations for production of renewable energy/electricity from other renewable sources. They should also contribute to to the reduction of CO2 emissions and increased security of supply.

Eligible activities

The call will support projects that develop and implement activities aiming at energy/electricity production from other Renewable Energy Sources:

  • projects that utilise bio‐based substrates for production of electricity and heating/cooling in local communities
  • development and investment in private industrial facilities for waste to energy projects
  • solar or wind energy: new small‐scale projects (up to 1.000 kW installed capacity) and production of
    electricity for the applicant’s oconsumption
  • training of staff on use and maintenance of the equipment, provided by the supplier of the
    equipment, as an integrated part of an investment project

Who can apply?

Eligible applicants are any entity, private or public, commercial or non-commercial, and non-governmental organisations, established as legal person in Romania for at least 3 years at the date of the deadline of the call.

The Romanian enterprise applies on behalf of the partners in the projects. 

Who can be partner?

Eligible partners are any private or public entity, commercial or non-commercial, established as a legal person in Norway or Romania. The partner must have been established for at least 1 year at the date of the deadline.


Mandatory Attachments to the Project Application

Mandatory attachments to the project application:

  1. Expected outcomes of the implementation of the project (template) 
  2. Detailed Activity Based Budget (DABB) and financial projections for the project, in signed PDF format and Excel file (template) 
  3. Disbursement Plan (template)
  4. Project Implementation Plan (template)
  5. Procurement Plan (template) 
  6. Letter of Commitment (template)
  7. Project Document (template) Project Document (to be submitted only by non-economic operators, e.g. public authorities and NGOs without economic activities) – (template) 
    Business Plan (template) (to be submitted only by entities involved in economic activities) – (template)
  8. Draft Partnership Agreement (template) (if relevant) 
  9. CVs of the project management team (template) 
  10. Communication Plan (template)
  11. If applicavle (i.e. the Applicant is an undertaking): Self-declaration re. undertaking in difficulty (template)  
  12. If the Applicant is a Small or Medium Enterprise (SME): Self-declaration re. SME (template) 
  13. Self-declaration regarding clean tax and criminal record of the Applicant (and Partner(s) – if relevant) and of the legal representative(s) (template).
    If applicable (projects implemented in partnership): Self-declaration regrading clean tax and criminal records of the Partner(s) and of its legal representative(s) (template)
  14. (If applicable i.e. Applicant does not recover VAT) Self-declaration on eligibility of VAT (template) 
  15. Relevant Registration Certificates and statutory documents (as detailed in the Call text, Annex I) 
  16. Certified annual financial accounts of the Applicant for 2019 and 2020 (in Romanian) - which bears the Applicant’s signature (electronic or handwritten) and the fiscal’s authority registration number (index).
  17. The trial balance sheet as per 31 June 2020, certified by the legal representative and their financial officer. 
  18. Applicant’s Annual report (year 2020), which should include (as applicable): the business description/ the activities of the organization/ the activities of the public institution, management’s analysis, reporting on internal controls, Audit report (if the case), notes to the financial statements, risk control processes and analysis, strategic direction, operational and financial performance, listing of the board and directors of the company/organization/public institution.