Energy Programme in Romania



Open Calls for Proposals

- Call for Proposals on Electrification of households, Deadline: 12 June 2019
Call for Travel Support (as long as budget lasts)

Closed Calls for Proposals

- Calls for Proposals on Renewable Energy, Deadlines:
   - (no changes) Call 1 (hydropower) and Call 3 (other RES): 14 March 2019
   - (extended) Call 2 (geothermal) and SGS-1 (hydropower, geothermal and other RES for SMEs and NGOs): 7 May 2019

Call for Proposals on Energy Audits, Deadline: 25 April 2019

About the Programme

The “Energy Programme in Romania” shall contribute to the general objectives of EEA and Norway Grants 2014‐2021, respectively to the reduction of economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area (EEA) and to strengthening bilateral relations between the EEA States and EU Beneficiary States.

The programme objective is to achieve less carbon intensive energy and increased security of supply. The Programme seeks to stimulate and develop long‐term cooperation between Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway
(“the Donor States”) and Romania (“Beneficiary State”) and is encouraging bilateral Donor Partnership Projects.

Fund Operator: Innovation Norway

Programme budget: € 62,826,500

Beneficiary State Programme Partners:

1. Ministry of Energy in Romania

2. Ministry of Environment in Romania

Donor Programme Partners:

1. Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE)

2. National Energy Authority (OS)

Programme focus areas and outcomes:

Focus area


Renewable Energy

Outcome 1 ‐ Increased Renewable Energy production

Energy Efficiency

Outcome 2 ‐ Reduced CO2 emissions in all sectors (Energy Efficiency)

Research and Development

Outcome 3 ‐ Increased knowledge on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security in all sectors of society

Training and Awareness

Outcome 4 ‐ Enhanced research and development capacity on renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy security


Outcome 5 ‐ Increased access to electricity for households in areas where connection to the electricity network is not feasible


Bilateral Outcome ‐ Enhanced collaboration between Beneficiary and Donor States entities involved in the programme

Programme area specifics:

  • Programmes targeting greenhouse gas reductions and/or avoidance through energy efficiency measures shall deliver considerable reductions at a reasonable cost; a maximum of 150 EUR grant per tonne CO2 equivalent per year reduced/ avoided should be aimed for;
  • Priority shall be given to bilateral partnerships offering added value.

Further inquiries may be done via the programme email address:


An applicant who is affected by an application decision by Innovation Norway may file an appeal against the decision within 30 days after the decision has been communicated. Appeals must be filed via email to

Appeals are dealt with by the responsible Programme Director and/or the Innovation Norway Programme Director for the EEA and Norway Grants. A decision on the appeal will be issued within two weeks from the date the appeal was received.

Report your concerns about a possible breech with Innovation Norway's Ethical Guidelines, Anti-Corruption policy or Good Business Practice.