Romania - Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Security Programme

Programme objective: Less carbon intesive energy and increased security of supply

Fund Operator: Innovation Norway

Programme budget: € 62,826,500

Beneficiary State Programme Partners:

1. Minsitry of Energy

2. Ministry of Environment, Waters and Forests

Donor Programme Partners:

1. Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directoare (NVE)

2. National Energy Authority (OS)

Areas of support:

  • Energy efficiency in production, distribution and/or end use
  • Renewable energy production and/or distribution
  • Recovery of energy from waste or hazardous waste
  • Energy security
  • Renewable energy policies in all relevant sectors
  • Energy markets

Programme area specifics:

  • Programmes targeting greenhouse gas reductions and/or avoidance through energy efficiency measures shall deliver considerable reductions at a reasonable cost; a maximum of 150 EUR grant per tonne CO2 equivalent per year reduced/ avoided should be aimed for;
  • Priority shall be given to bilateral partnerships offering added value.

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