Welfare Technology

 Andy Kelly, Unsplash
Andy Kelly, Unsplash

Welfare Technology supports innovative technologies that contribute to increasing the quality of life for everyone with needs related to their care and well-being, no matter age or type of impairment.

Innovation within Welfare Technology is of increasing importance as the European welfare state faces a number of challenges and mounting pressure. A steadily increasing life expectancy, accompanied by a decreasing birth rate, are just two of many reasons that demonstrate why our future welfare will depend on innovative, technological solutions.

The purpose of Welfare Technology as a focus area to support innovation which contribute towards assisting people of all ages with impairments, no matter the type, with being more self-sufficient and autonomous in their day-to-day lives.


The Welfare Technology focus area seeks to promote this by supporting projects which will contribute to:

  • The development of innovative welfare products/services/technologies /processes/solutions (new to the market).

Typical activities which are supported, to mention only some, are:

  • Development of innovative technologies and services that helps elderly and persons with disabilities to become more independent and self-reliant; 
  • Development of productsservices and solutions that would help meeting the social and health challenges of the ageing society; 
  • Development of technological solutions mainly used by/support staff that deliveror carry out welfare services; 


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