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Rolling deadline: Travel grants from the Social Dialogue – Decent Work programme

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Travel Grants are provided for travels and cooperation between potential partners in Beneficiary States and in Norway. The aim of these travels should be to explore a partnership projects.

Aims and activities

The aim is to increase bilateral cooperation between Beneficiary States and Norway. The travel grants allow for partners to establish contact and identify cooperation opportunities in future projects.

The partners involved in the travel should aim to submit a joint application for a partnership project under the Social Dialogue – Decent Work Programme.

See the open calls on the programme website



The selection of grants will take place on a first-come-first-serve basis. 

The deadline for applications is 15 September 2022 or whenever the funds are exhausted. 



You can receive a lump sum of Euro 1,000 per one travel. Travel Support is awarded per entity and not per person.


Who can apply? 

  • social partners (employers organisations and trade unions)
  • public authorities and institutions that have statutory roles related to decent work or tripartite cooperation
  • organisations of public authorities that have within their mandate the promotion of decent work or tripartite dialogue.

Each application needs to involve a minimum of one entitity from Beneficiary States and one entity from Norway. 


Eligible costs 

Travel costs in connection to/or associated with the search for partners for partnership projects and the development of such partnerships.


Covid-19 restrictions to travel 

In the context of the covid-19 pandemic, it is paramount that before making any travel arrangements, you check and comply with the travel and entry regulations of the countries you are travelling to, including transit countries.

For travel to Norway, please read the Travel Advice from Norway’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


How to apply? 

Step 1 - Apply

The online application form is available here. Please note that Innovation Norway written approval is required prior to your travel! 

Applications for travel support will be assessed and awarded by Innovation Norway on a continuous basis (until the exhaustion of the available budget).

Step 2 - Disbursement of funds and reporting

The funds will be offered based on the reimbursement principle.

The expenditures will be covered by the applicant and a reimbursement request will be submitted to Innovation Norway after the travel. 

Declaration form: 


Social Dialogue – Decent Work Programme

Read more about the Social Dialogue – Decent Work Programme. The programme is financed by Norway through the Norway Grants.

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