European Days in Trøndelag

 Anne Sivertsen, Unsplash
Anne Sivertsen, Unsplash

Join us from 23-27 November for an all-digital week of information about European opportunities during the European Days in Trøndelag

Norway has what we call ‘European Offices’ scattered across the country. The purposes of these offices are to inform about European opportunities to Norwegian companies, as well as facilitate cooperation and trade between European and Norwegian companies. The Mid-Norway European Office represents Trøndelag, a Norwegian hub for science and technology. 

On Tuesday 24 November, we will be participating in their annual event known as ‘Europadagene i Trøndelag’ (loosely translated to 'European Days in Trøndelag'). This is a week that will be packed with information about European opportunities for everyone from companies to sports clubs. In our presentation we will be talking about how Norwegian companies can participate in projects financed by the EEA and Norway Grants. If you speak Norwegian, we encourage you to take a look at the programme! 

We will be streaming live at 10.00 on Tuesday 24 November. If you would like to see our presentation, have a look at the agenda and register here.