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Pitching - Guidelines

 Unsplash John Schnobrich
Unsplash John Schnobrich

As part of our upcoming event, Oslo Innovation Week and a Networking Event for Norwegian and Central-European Businesses, we invite 15 companies to pitch on stage. Please see guidelines for the pitches here. 

Innovation Norway invite businesses from Norway and Central-Europe to an afternoon networking event at SALT during Oslo Innovation Week. 

The event includes the opportunity for companies to pitch on stage. Please see the guidelines for pitching here. At the same time, it is you who know your product best, and creativity and individual adaptation are encouraged. 

More information on the event: Oslo Innovation Week and a Networking Event for Norwegian and Central-European Businesses (innovasjonnorge.no)



Guidelines for Pitching

The pitching session takes place from 18:00 to 19:00. 

A total of 15 companies are selected to pitch. 


Format: The pitching is live.

Pitch time: Max. three minutes 

Moderator: Mr Gaute Hagerup, Director of Special Assignments, Innovation Norway. Mr Hagerup will keep the time. 

Presentations/videos/other digital tools: Visual aids are allowed, as long as the picth is live, i.e. that one person delivers the main message from stage. If you have a presentation/video or any other digital tools, please send it to Innovation Norway in advance. 

Deadline to submit presentations/videos/other digital tools: 26 September 2022

Send it to the email: rannveig.gimse@innovationnorway.no 


Content: The pitch should bring out the uniqueness of your company and product. The following questions should be answered (but not necessarily all): 

  • What is your innovative solution(s) or business model?   
  • How do you create business and scaling?
  • What are your aims for exports or cooperation in Norway and Europe? 
  • Who would you like to meet at the event or during Oslo Innovation Week?


Audience: The event takes place in Oslo, Norway, during Oslo Innovation Week. It gathers around 120 representatives of businesses, innovation clusters, research institutes, industry associations and others from six countries and from Norway.

Social media: Feel free to share the event or your material on your social media channels! We want to use your solutions in our promotion of the conference. Pictures, videos, and other suggestions for publications about you on social media can be sent to ragim@innovationnorway.no.


Questions? Contact: rannveig.gimse@innovationnorway.no