Electrification of Households in Romania

Electrification is an important contributor towards economic growth and improving quality of life. These are also key objectives of the EEA and Norway Grant's Energy Programme in Romania. Currently we are making the new Call for electrification, and we would like hear the inputs of our target group.

Innovation Norway, as a Fund Operator of the Energy Programme in Romania aims to launch a new call for Electrification of Romanian households.

In this regard we would like to consult and get feedback from stakeholders and/or potential Applicants on:

    • the issue of unelectrified households
    • on the previously launched Calls on Electrification – Calls 6(a) and 6(b) – link to Calls
    • suggestions and recommendations for improvement for potential new Calls on Electrification of households

The survey can be found here:

We kindly ask to fill and send the survey by April 30, 2020 at the e-mail address of the program: RO.Energy@innovationnorway.no