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Romania: Greening the production line of sleeping products manufacturing

Machine control system

Top producer of premium sleeping products, Superball SRL, are greening their production flow by investing in innovative manufacturing solutions alongside Norwegian partner IDN Norway and with the help of the Norway Grants.

Superball SRL is a company with 100% Romanian capital activating in the field of premium sleeping products. The company has partnered up with Norwegian company International Development Norway (IDN Norway) in order to develop and implement a new eco-friendly production line, even managing to create a special operational unit dedicated to circular economy procedures. 

The aim of the Norway Grants-funded project is to manufacture and develop new brands, models and characteristics of their products to be sold not only on the Romanian market, but also internationally with a focus on the EU and the EEA space.  


Video testimonial 


final version superball.png


"Thanks to the opportunity given to us by Norway through the Norway Grants, the possibility of becoming one of the leaders in this industry at the international level  is within reach"

Radu Badea - Superball shareholder


Cooperation with Norway 

For the project, the company has partnered up with IDN Norway. The Norwegian partner has contributed with invaluable input on the production flow and the optimisation of the production process. Among the tasks of the partner, the automatisation and digitalisation of current and future production flows is one of the main undertakings of value in this project


Expected results

- a 38% increase in the company's annual turnover 

- 31% increase in net operational profit

- an 80% recovery of waste from operational processes 

- a 15% decrease of energy consumption 

- a 10% decrease of operational costs 

- the reduction of 205 tonnes of CO2 emissions 


The SMEs Growth Programme in Romania

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA and Norway Grants. See more opportunities under the Romania - SMEs Growth Programme .

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