Greece: Maritime training with VR

 Brave Dolphin
Brave Dolphin

In Greece, SQ Learn is implementing a project that uses virtual reality (VR) in training on high-risk issues in the maritime industry.

SQLearn is a Greek company that provides e-learning solutions and services to the shipping industry, with a focus on staff training to reduce risks. SQLearn is currently implementing the project Brave Dolphin, under the EEA Grants Programme in Greece. 


VR technology training on maritime risks

The aim of the project is the development of four interactive training modules with VR technology. The training is addressed to the maritime industry, on high risk issues related to safety and industry best practices.

The VR training solution will simulate the most crucial emergency incidents that occur on board, and will enable seafarers to better engage with the required knowledge. The training tool is designed for crew members and emergencies that may occur on board of ships.

Maritime safety risk are difficult to simulate, but the VR application will include interactive scenarios which encourage the user to interact with and perform the necessary actions, offering an exciting and safe learning experience. The scenarios included were identified by experts and based on a risk analysis on crucial incidents that occur on board. 

Read more about the project here: VR maritime training project kicks off – ShipInsight


The SMEs Growth Programme in Greece

The project is supported by Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein through the EEA Grants. See more opportunities under the Business Innovation Programme in Greece.

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