Data Centers

In a world of rapidly increasing carbon emissions from the ICT industry, Norway offers a sustainable solution.

ICT is consuming an increasing share of the World´s electricity. As most of this electricity is generated from the burning of fossil fuels, ICT´s share of carbon emissions also shows a rising curve.

Large Data centers are heavy industrial scale facilities and require huge amounts of electricity. Norway ´s offer is unique in this context, not only presenting a 97% share of renewables in its power production but also foreseeing a significant surplus and extremely competitive price forecasts for the years to come. Long term power prices in Norway are expected to be the lowest in the Nordics, further boosted by a significant tax reduction from 2016.

Abundant, highly competitive and renewable power through a resilient, redundant grid represents a second to none proposal to the datacenters of the future.

Why Norway?

  • Ranked 2nd worldwide in the Cushman & Wakefield 2016 Data Center Risk Index
  • Abundant renewable power, strong grid and world leading long term prices
  • A selection of sites both centrally and rurally located with infrastructure and professional representation
  • Redundant connectivity available today or within compatible timespans
  • Competitive tax regime, strong economy, competent workforce
  • Stable political situation, EU-compatible framework