Oil and gas

Sustainable offshore exploration and production. The best there is.

Foto: Kongsberg Gruppen

Sustainable offshore exploration and production has always been high on the agenda in Norway. When the Parliament agreed on ten policy guidelines for the oil and gas sector in 1971, protection of the environment was one of the rules. Throughout the years the policy has been to introduce strict safety and environmental regulations – to reduce risk and to reduce discharges and emissions to sea and air.


The oil companies, oil service companies and the research and development centers have followed up. They have developed new ideas, tested them and then introduced them to operations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf. The industry has been looking for best available technology and has been willing to use the technology. As a result the Norwegian production of oil and gas causes far lower emissions per unit of oil equivalents produced than in other countries.


These accomplishments have only been possible by the continuous efforts of the Norwegian industry to develop and implement increasingly advanced technologies. The industry has now full focus on finding new ways and new technologies that can reduce future emissions from the hydrocarbons, and many of the Norwegian solutions have found a global market. As a result and the industry had in 2013 a turnover of 730 billion NOK, whereof 206 billion in export (Source: Rystad).


Why Norway?

  • In the lead, especially when it comes to drilling, subsea and oil recovery
  • Oil and Gas a cornerstone industry, getting high attention, representing  almost 30 per cent of BNP
  • The world  largest subsea market, with a huge potential for export to other markets
  • A very demanding market, with high-end customer, enables migration to other complex markets.
  • Stable political situation