Travel & tourism

A growing sector in a country with modern infrastructure and breathtaking nature.

Foto: Innovation Norway

The Norwegian Travel and Tourism sector offers everything required for doing successful business: a dynamic business climate, a clean and unique environment and a society that is modern, safe and global. The sector is fast growing and the total tourism consumption in Norway is about 130 billion NOK a year.

A growing demand for attractions, packaged experiences and accommodation from both international and Norwegian travelers, makes investments in the tourism industry very attractive. Opportunities for especially international real estate and private equity investors, developers and operators, lie within growing sustainable tourism, ski tourism, food tourism and adventure tourism.

Why invest in Norway?

  • Modern infrastructure with a nationwide network of airports
  • Breathtaking nature and scenic fjords  opportunity to experience natural phenomena such as the midnight sun or northern lights
  • Tourism sector in Norway is growing
  • Norway is in front regarding sustainable development of the tourism sector
  • Increasing demand for new products, specially activities and experiences
  • Strong NTO and government who prioritize development and marketing of Norway as an attractive destination