Innovation projects

Developing, financing and testing of innovative solutions to strengthen humanitarian emergency preparedness and response is at core of the NOREPS activities. Through collaboration between humanitarian actors, the Norwegian government and private sector NOREPS stimulates and supports innovation projects. The examples will illustrate how innovation projects contribute to improving humanitarian operations.  

UN Women and the private sector

Cash transfers and digital identity powered by blockchain

UN Women and the private sector have for the past year explored the possibilities in leveraging blockchain technology in humanitarian aid and development.  With the support from the NOREPS grants for humanitarian innovation, UN Women and their private sector partners will conduct pilot on the ground this spring.

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ASAP Norway

A life-saving bed cover

In areas struck by conflict, natural disasters or poverty the life-saving work of health personnel depends on a clean and sterile working environment. Sometimes this can be solved with very simple, but crucial innovations. The sterile, super absorbing and very strong surgical blanket from ASAP Norway has just been deployed in Syria, through hospitals run by the World Health Organization (WHO).

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Water safety is also about the handling of wastewater

The supply of clean drinking water to people affected by humanitarian crises has always been a critical lifesaving element. Perhaps less well known is the importance of the provision on adequate and safe sanitation solutions to prevent the spread of diseases. Supplier A-Aqua teamed up with Red Cross Societies to find develop a solution. 

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W. Giertsen

Life saving energy solutions for hospitals

Many hospitals experience grave difficulties with their power supply. Unstable grid electricity, old generators and limited funding for fuel all affect the efficiency and the safety at the hospitals. United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is providing life saving energy solutions together with Norwegian supplier, W. Giertsen Energy Solutions. 

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Innovative pallets to save space and money in humanitarian operations

Will the Norwegian 100% recyclable plastic pallets replace the traditional wooden pallets? 

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Compact and sustainable living for WFP field staff

As the United Nation’s frontline agency in the fight against hunger, the World Food Programme (WFP) is continually responding to emergencies. In this capacity the organisation is constantly striving to maximise the impact of donor funds in its goal to provide life-saving services: whether in South Sudan, Liberia, Syria or any of its other locations throughout the world. Their work also rely strongly on the wellbeing of the WFP staff, which has led to a pilot project for field accommodation delivered by the Norwegian supplier EcoCube.   

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Bright Products

Light in the darkness for refugees - the SunBell solar lamp & phone charger

Millions of refugees live without access to electricity for studies and tasks after dark. With support from NOREPS, the young company BRIGHT Products teamed up with the experienced supplier W.Giertsen Energy Solutions to take on the challenge presented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the UN Refugee agency (UNHCR).

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Clean cooking for the refugees in Dadaab, Kenya

The use of open fireplaces for cooking is causing severe air pollution and deforestation in and around big refugee camps. In partnership with NOREPS and the UNHCR, the Norwegian supplier Safi International has introduced 1.000 clean burning bio-ethanol cook stoves in the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya.

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Safer removal of landmines

Unexploded landmines represent a grave danger to local civilians and the people who clear areas of explosives after times of conflict. With the right equipment, the mine clearing staff of the Norwegian Peoples Aid are able to work safer and more efficiently. In partnership with the Norwegian supplier Rofi and NOREPS, the equipment has evolved and improved over several years.  

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