From speeches to practice

On the morning of the Private Sector Conference on Internationalization and Development, Innovation Norway in cooperation with Oslo Ed-tech cluster held a practical breakfast workshop on the topic of education in emergencies. 

Foto: Innovation Norway

The aim of this workshop was to take the speeches into practice. The seminar served as a meeting place for the humanitarian actors and Norwegian businesses to meet and get to know each other. This was an invitation to take part in an innovative process to develop new solutions through collaborative co-creation.

The private sector is an important actor

Private businesses are important in developing and implementing new and innovative solutions, and the humanitarian actors need to use the private sector’s expertise in this. An increasing number of companies want to develop business models and products that generate profits, and at the same time contribute to solving global challenges. Grete Faremo, leader in UNOPS was one of the speakers at the conference. She emphasized that there are many businesses that want to do good and show social responsibility at the same time. Taking strategic choices towards the Sustainable Development Goals helps businesses to strengthen their competitiveness.

-The world needs the private sector on board to be able to meet the sustainable development goals, says Kristin Skogen Lund, CEO in NHO who was one of the speakers at the conference.

Innovative partnerships

-The developing countries develop the world, says Kim Gabrielli from UNICEF. - Challenges related to the lack of working infra-structure provide a basis for relevant solutions from developed countries. It was not without reason that the mobile service VIPPS has its origins from Kenya. Another example is birth registration with the mobile, which is a prerequisite for obtaining ID and access to state welfare provision.

Good solutions to global challenges are developed in partnerships where different stakeholders contribute with the expertise and the experience they have. Trust, openness and sharing are important ingredients in good partnerships and in good innovation processes.

Pure Consulting facilitated the workshop and used a method based on Michael Porters “Creating shared value”.  The Norwegian Refugee Council and Save The Children presented real challenges connected to education in humanitarian crises. They got good input from the other participants in how these challenges can be met. The workshop resulted in several of the participants wanting to continue to collaborate in the future.

Innovation Norway and NOREPS want to collect good ideas from the participants in order to support further collaboration and the development of new solutions through partnerships. The CEO of Innovation Norway, Anita Krohn Traaseth points out in her key note that a lot has happened in the NOREPS network the last years in connecting the right businesses with the right solutions to the global challenges.

– If you think that this is just another speech, give us a call! We have many good examples on how practical this can get.