2017 call for proposals- Humanitarian innovation and preparedness grant

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has given Innovation Norway the mandate to manage NOK 30 million to humanitarian innovation and preparedness initiatives in 2017. The goal of the scheme is to stimulate innovation projects and strengthen humanitarian emergency preparedness with focus on supporting the Sustainable Development Goals. The application deadline was October 15th, so the call is now closed. 

Innovation Norway supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

Innovation Norway supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

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The purpose of the grant is to stimulate better and more effective response to humanitarian needs by supporting development of smart and sustainable solutions in humanitarian operations.

Innovation Norway is now inviting humanitarian organizations to submit applications for projects relevant for the following two schemes:

A.    Humanitarian innovation and piloting

B.    Humanitarian preparedness

Approximately 60/40% of the grant will be allocated to scheme A and B respectively. All applications must be submitted electronically by October 17th 2017. Only applications submitted through our online application system will be considered. Read more details about the two schemes below.

Details about the two schemes

+ A. Humanitarian innovation and piloting

+ B. Humanitarian preparedness

+ General requirements for scheme A and B