Report launch: possibilities in the UN-, humanitarian- and development market in Geneva, Nairobi and New York

This report provided by Innovation Norway shows how and what the UN agencies and NGOs buy, and how Norwegian suppliers can contribute to innovation, partnerships and sustainability towards global humanitarian challenges. Download the executive summary below, and get in touch if you would like to get access to the full report. 


The report gives useful insights about the strengths and weaknesses of Norwegian suppliers, and identifies areas where they need to gain more knowledge to succeed in these complex markets. The report was originally an initiative to build competence and knowledge internally in Innovation Norway about the UN, humanitarian- and development market in the three respective regions. Innovation Norway may share the findings from the report to interested companies because they can give helpful insights to companies trying to enter these markets. 

Read the executive summary from the report here. 

Do you want to get access to the full report? Please contact Elisabeth Fosseli Olsen