III Norwegian-Brazilian Aquaculture Summit


FIESP Av. Paulista, 1313 - Jardins, São Paulo 11/13/2019 9:00:00 AM Europe/Oslo III Norwegian-Brazilian Aquaculture Summit Av. Paulista, 1313 - Jardins, São Paulo Add to calendar

The third edition of the annual summit will bring together Norwegian and Brazilian key industry players within aquaculture.

The summit will focus on successful partnerships between both countries and the use of new technologies and digital solutions for the sector.




Welcome Coffee and registration (30min)


Opening Remarks (40min)


·       Roberto Ignacio Betancourt, Department of Agribusiness - Deagro/Fiesp

·       Jorge Seif Junior, Brazilian Secretary for Fisheries and Aquaculture

·       Roberto Kikuo Imai, Director of Fisheries and Aquaculture Value Chain- Deagro/FIESP

·       Francisco Chagas Medeiros, Peixe BR President

·       César Bueno Garrubo, Norwegian Honorary Council in São Paulo

·       Håkon Ward, Director Innovation Norway South America

·       Nils Martin Gunneng, Norwegian Ambassador


Panorama of the industry (30min)


·       Aquaculture in Brazil: Francisco Chagas Medeiros, PeixeBR President

·       Aquaculture in Norway: Kari Thyholt, NCE Aquatech, Coordinator of Projects


Norwegian-Brazilian cases of cooperation (35min)


·       Applied Research:

-             Distress Tilapia Project (NTNU/UNESP/Psicultura Cristalina)

·       Industry:

-             What is an Industrial Research and Development Contracts (IRD)?

-             How Innovation Norway can support partnerships – Renata Prado, Senior Project Manager – Innovation Norway South America

-             IRD Case: Grupo Ambar Amaral and PE Bjørdal


Solutions for the seafood industry (1h)


·       Norway:

11:45-11:50 “Unmanned Vehicles for applications within Aquaculture” - Vegard Evjen Hovstein, CEO – Maritime Robotics


11:50-11:55 “NORBIT: Technology for the Aquaculture Industry” - Peter Eriksen, Business Unit Director Oceans – Norbit


11:55-12:00 "RhyAkva: Shaping the present and future of Brazil's marine aquaculture sector"- Rhyder Ramos, CEO, RhyAkva AS


12:00-12:05 “howtodoaquaculture.com – BluePlanet Academy a global e-learning platform” - Trine Danielsen, CEO BluePlanet Academy (online participation)


12:05-12:10 “Digitalization of the seafood value chain” - Janne T. Morstøl, CEO – Maritech (online participation)


12:10-12:15 “MMC-First Process Aquaculture Solutions” - Kjell Peder Overvåg, Sales Manager - MMC First Process AS (online participation)


12:15-12:20 “FiiZK – technical aquaculture solutions spanning customized software solutions to closed cages” - Kevin Skarholt, CMO - FIIZK (online participation)

·       Brazil

Presentation of Brazilian companies 


Introduction to B2B (10min)


·       Information on B2B Session Dynamics – Gustav Robrahn Gonzalez Eigenherr, International Relations Analyst - FIESP


Lunch – 16th floor


B2B sessions (4hrs)


To take place at rooms on 11th floor



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