3rd Ocean Conference


RB1 Av. Rio Branco, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro 11/12/2019 9:00:00 AM Europe/Oslo 3rd Ocean Conference Av. Rio Branco, 1 - Centro, Rio de Janeiro Add to calendar

The ocean economy’s long-term potential in terms of growth and job creation cannot be fully realized unless more effective steps are taken to improve the integrated ocean management” (OECD).

Oceans contribute to employment, revenues, technological development, food production, transport, energy, travel, and can represent as much as 3-5% of global GDP. As countries with long coastlines and large ocean recourses, this represent enormous opportunities and challenges for both Brazil and Norway. In order to harvest the Oceans resources sustainably, we need to manage them well, nationally and internationally.

Building on the areas of mutual interest in managing and developing ocean resources, we aspire on establishing a Norwegian-Brazilian partnership for productive and sustainable oceans, unlocking its economic and social potential.




Welcome Coffee and registration (30min)


Opening (30 min)


  • Nils Martin Gunneng, Norwegian Ambassador


Unlocking the potential of Blue Economy in Brazil (1h)


Painting the picture of the potential of Ocean-based economies and its threats. How to sustainably unlock the potential of ocean resources? How has the Ocean contributed to the Norwegian economy, and what are the outlooks for Brazil?

  • Alex Imperial, NBCC president/DNV GL
  • Paulo Henrique Van de Ven, HSSE, Equinor - TBC
  • Priscila Cristina Brandão, Head of Aftermarket Sales in South America, Kongsberg
  • Rodrigo Carvalho, Inter-ministerial Commission for Ocean Resources – CIRM

Moderator:  Camila M. V. Cardoso, Partner, Kincaid Mendes Vianna Advogados




Initiatives for Sustainable Ocean Management (1h)


The borderless nature of the ocean makes international cooperation necessary. What National and global initiatives can be put in place to ensure sustainable harvesting of our oceans resources and deal with the challenges we face? How can business friendly policies be sustainable? How can sustainability be integrated?  How are fishing, maritime transport, offshore petroleum, and other commercial activities affecting the health and wealth of the Ocean? How to transfer knowledge from one sector to another?


  • Vice-Admiral Edesio Teixeira Lima Junior, ENGEPROM
  • Rear Admiral Sergio Gago Guida, SECIRM)
  • Kai Stoltz, GCE Ocean Technology - Norwegian Ocean cluster
  • Michelle Duarte, Innovation Norway - The Explorer

Moderator: Prof. Alexander Turra (Oceanographic Institute - University of São Paulo & UNESCO Chair on Sustainable Oceans)


Lunch Break (1h15min)


Lunch will be offered at the venue


Ocean pioneers – fostering green shipping and the role of regulators (1h15min)


The maritime shipping industry is undergoing radical changes driven by new technologies, energy transition and connected IMO regulations. There has been growing demand towards a green shipping industry, with innovative and environmentally friendly technologies. At the same time, shipping industry is capital intensive and cyclical, challenging ship-owners to choose the best strategy to succeed in future market competition.

How to use the competence and capacity of the ocean industries creatively for sustainable innovation and growth? How to adapt for the new regulations and what is the role of the regulators and policy makers?

  • Vice Admiral Roberto Gondim Carneiro da Cunha,DPC – Director of Ports and Coasts
  • Felipe Meira, Managing Director, Solstad – TBC
  • José Elias, Managing Directorm, Teekay
  • Adalberto Tokarski, Director, ANTAQ
  • Dino Antunes Dias Batista, Director, Ministry of Infrastructure

 Moderator: Jonas Mattos, DNV GL


Coffee break (15min)


Harvesting Ocean recourses - the role of science and technology (1h)


According to the UN, the world’s population is set to reach 9.7 billion in 2050. How can the ocean help produce sustainable ocean-based protein to help feed all these people? How can the enormous biodiversity of marine ecosystems and the genetic uniqueness of marine organisms help develop useful products and applications?

  • Prof. Jose Angel Alvarez Perez, Prof/Univ. do Vale do Itaja
  • Prof. Ronaldo Cavalli, Food security & aquaculture, FURG
  • Prof. Paulo Mourão, Marine biomedicine/marine drugs, UFRJ
  • Kari Thyholt, Senior Advisor, NCE Aquatech

Moderator: Fabiano Thompson, IB & Coppe


Environmental Licensing – for Productive and Sustainable Ocean (1h)


Environmental licencing is an important piece of the offshore petroleum exploration and production chain. It is also a vital tool for an integrated management of the ocean resources. E&P generate a plethora of environmental data related to the oceans that can assist in improving safety and knowledge about our marine resources, and boost the development of new economic activities by identifying new opportunities and by integrating industries that share the same space.

The panel will discuss how positive partnerships between the industry and the environment regulators can improve environment licencing and data management in order to achieve sustainable exploration of the oceans.

  • Antônio Celso Junqueira, General Coordinator, IBAMA
  • Raphael Moura, Superintendent, ANP
  • Claudio Jorge, Superintendent, ANP

Moderator: João Correa, Country Manager, TGS


Closing remarks (10min)


  • Rear Admiral Marcos Lourenço de Almeida

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