SANOCEAN:  South Africa - Norway Research Co-operation on Blue Economy, Climate Change, the Environment and Sustainable Energy 2018-2023

The goal of the new program is to enhance the knowledge-base for policies and decisions for sustainable development in the areas of oceans and ocean space (blue economy), environment (with emphasis on oceans and pollution), climate change and sustainable energy in South Africa and Norway. “Particular attention shall be paid on aspects leading to income generation and provide selling arguments to producers, service providers as well as young entrepreneurs. The research needs to be relevant to South African and Norwegian priorities. On a wider scale, SANOCEAN shall aim to contribute to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

A SANOCEAN Matchmaking Workshop was held in Pretoria on 5 December 2017, with the objective to forge relationships that may lead to joint project proposals in bilateral and/or multinational research and innovation programs, including SANOCEAN. Presentations from the workshop is available for download below.

Going forward, please consult for updates on the launch of the new program – and Facebook group South Africa - Norway Research cooperation for networking opportunities.

CSIR - CharlPetzer - Environmental Asset Management

CSIR - ChrisSerfontein - SANO cooperation Ocean Economy

CSIR - ErlankPienaar - CSIR Overview

CSIR - LeeAnnamalai - Spacial Information Systems

CSIR - Protecting Rhinos in the Kruger National Park

CSIR - Radar Programmes for the Protection of Natural Resources

The New SANOCEAN Programme 2018 - 2023