2 November

Wednesday 2 November 2016 focuses on maximizing interaction, information exchange and networking among the attendees, and on negating the effects of the physical distance between Norway and South Africa. For that reason, the venue will be Workshop 17 at the world renowned Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in the center of Cape Town.

This is one of the creative “hot spots” on the African continent right now, combing arts, crafts, and high tech in a vibrant, high energy, 24x7 atmosphere – resulting in a waiting list for new members who want to get in on the action. Science Week 2016 intends to take full advantage of this energy, while providing sufficient flexibility to meet the diverse needs of the attendees. The venue itself and the surrounding bars and restaurants allows for any size group who want to get together for discussions, exchange of information or explore new business propositions.

Within the Workshop 17 venue at the Watershed near the North Quay, a total of 20 workshops will take place, divided into 5 parallel tracks with 4 consecutive workshops, each lasting 90 minutes. Program Director for Day 3 is Per Niederbach, Director of Regions and Financing with Innovation Norway. The program will start at 08:00, break for lunch 12:30-13:30, and last till 18:00 – structured so that people will be able to switch between different tracks in order to “pick & choose” the particular workshops that are of most interest. The focus, the contents, and the size of the workshops will be dynamic and continue to evolve. If you would like to get involved, please contact the organizer/champion/chairperson indicated below:

Parallel workshops: Chair/coordinator
Track A: Marine Environmental Research and Innovation in Support of the Ocean Economy Dr Björn Backeberg
Track B: Aquaculture - New business opportunities in South Africa Beverley Lewis
Track C: Further cooperation in research, education, and innovation Jan M Haakonsen
Track D: Governance and regulatory issues for sustainable development Dr Nico Jooste
Track E: Adaptronics and new paradigms for maritime applications. Andre Krüger

Program schedule for Wednesday:


All plenaries and all workshops wil be at:  Workshop 17 at the Watershed near the North Quay next to the Two Oceans Aquarium at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in the center of Cape Town – see map.


08:00 - 08:30 - Registation

Coffee, tea, and refreshments – accompanied by a marimba orchestra from Khayelitsha

08:30-09:00 - Plenary Session 6

Welcome to the Waterfront and Workshop 17 – Setting the scene.

Per Niederbach, Director of Regions and Financing, Innovation Norway

09:00 - 10:30 - Parallel Workshops 1

A1 - South Africa's Ocean and Climate

B1 - Strategies and Success Stories

C1 - Blue ocean research and Innovation: A decade of research collaboration yields a porthole of opportunity for new discoveries in marine science

D1 - BE-Africa: Enabling sustainable Blue Economies with Africa

E1 – Adaptronics for maritime applications

11:00 - 12:30 - Parallel Workshops 2

A2 - Measurement technologies in support of the ocean economy

B2 - Pilot Projects and Research

C2 - SANOcean: Towards a new SA-NO bilateral research and innovation programme with focus on the Blue Economy?

D2 - Sustainable Governance of Sea and Coastal areas and Marine Resources

E2 – Adaptronics for maritime applications

13:30 15:00 - Parallel Workshops 3

A3 - Forecasting Capabilities, the Ocean Economy, Ecosystems and Fisheries

B3 - Equipment and Feed

C3 - Home - Education for new generation of Ocean Leaders

D3 - Seabed Mining and Marine areas Management: Appraising Regulatory Approaches

E3 – A new generation special-purposes vessels for Blue Mining

15:30 - 17:00 - Parallel Workshops 4

A4 - Monitoring change in Marine Ecosystems 

B4 - Sustainability and Financing

C4 - Capacity Building and Training

D4 - Socio-Economic impact: a) Coastal livelihoods in SA; b) Improved law enforcement in fighting fisheries crime (FishFORCE)

E4 – A new generation special-purposes vessels for Blue Mining

17:00 - 17:30 - Plenary Session 7

Summary of Science Week 2016 and closing remarks. Refreshments.

Ole Johan Sandvær, Innovation Norway 


17:30 - 18:00 - Official Launch of Nansen-Tutu Phase III

The Nansen-Tutu Center for Marine Environmental Research was established as a joint venture between partners from South Africa, Norway and USA, to gather information about the three oceans around southern Africa, and to better understand and deal with global change across the continent. This official signing ceremony will signify the launch of the Center’s 3rd three-year phase, following a day of presentations and discussions on marine research relevant to both nations.

The Center’s vision is to serve Africa through advancing knowledge of the marine environment and climate system in the spirit of Nobel Peace Laureates Fridtjof Nansen and Desmond Tutu, and aims to develop and implement operational oceanography and methods of data integration into models in the South Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean and the Southern Ocean, with a focus on ocean state, marine environmental and ecosystem modelling, and the role of the ocean in climate and weather.

Since its inception in May 2010, the Center has produced more than 70 scientific publications, including outreach articles, and graduated 5 PhD and 8 MSc students. With funding contributions from the Center’s partners, these students have received bursaries through the Nansen-Tutu Scholarship Programme.

This Programme also facilitates research exchanges of students and early career researchers to South Africa and Norway and to date 24 such exchanges have taken place.

Contact persons: Dr Bjorn Backeberg and Associate Professor Mathieu Rouault: Co-Directors
Venue:  Workshop 17 at the Watershed near the North Quay next to the Two Oceans Aquarium at the Victoria & Alfred Waterfront in the center of Cape Town – see map.

18:00 - 20:00 - Guided tour onboard the S.A.Agulhas II

The S.A.Agulhas II is a South African icebreaking polar supply and research ship owned by the Department of Environmental Affairs. IMPORTANT: Only registered participants who have submitted their ID number (SA nationals) or passport number (non-SA nationals) to the Secretariat by end-of-business on Monday 17 October will be allowed on board!

Contact person: Andre Francois Kruger, Innovation Norway