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    Our services for companies with international ambitions

    International Market Advisory
    International market advisory services increase the chance of international success for Norwegian companies

    Our international market advisors in more than 30 countries help Norwegian companies with strategic advice and operational assistance during their internationalization process. This includes information about business culture, market structures, competition and local requirements. We also connect Norwegian companies to relevant local market players (potential business partners; technology cooperation; distributors; customers; media; local specialists; sector clusters; etc.). And last, but not least, our advisors help out with activities and guidance to make the company’s internationalization process as smooth and successful as possible.

    International network to help Norwegian companies grow abroad
    As part of its work on helping Norwegian companies grow abroad, Innovation Norway is part of the EUs SME-network; Enterprise Europe Network. This extensive network of business advisors around Europe and the world helps SMEs trade more internationally, through finding business and technology partners, connecting them with research and innovation specialists and institutions as well as answer questions about markets and market conditions, especially related to the EU internal market. This is an inward and outwards service, where we also answer questions about the Norwegian market and market conditions.

    Corruption risk abroad – how can you handle it?
    Busineses abroad must be prepared to encounter corruption. It is
    common in many countries to expect bribes, gifts or favours in exchange for a contract or business deal. Businesses must prepare themselves to meet these challenges, and we can help with advice.

    Download: Corruption risk abroad (pdf)

    Horizon 2020, the world’s largest research and innovation program – for SMEs
    Innovation Norway is the national contact point for SMEs in Horizon 2020. Innovation Norway has an important role in mobilizing and advising SMEs to take part in the largest innovation and research program in the world, Horizon 2020, connecting our best companies and institutions with the best in Europe. Norway has a competitive advantage in several sectors (marine, maritime, environment, energy, oil and gas) and Norwegian know how and expertise is sought after. If you would are looking for a Norwegian partner for your project, you can contact Innovation Norway and we will help you. 

    Global accelerators
    Global accelerators aims to connect Norwegian high potential startups to global network and expertise in leading hubs around the globe. By exposure to international market conditions, opportunity to validate in highly competitive markets, input from skilled mentors and connections to relevant network, we aim to contribute to faster growth of Norwegian startups and with lower risk to the entrepreneurs.

    Read more about Global accelerators (in Norwegian only, English version will be posted soon) https://www.innovasjonnorge.no/no/tjenester/internasjonal-satsing/kurs-og-kompetanse/globale-akseleratorer/ 

    The Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System (NOREPS)
    The essential goal of NOREPS is to strengthen and support the UN-system and other international organizations in humanitarian and relief operations.

    The NOREPS network consists of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Innovation Norway, the Directorate for Civil Protection and Emergency Planning, the Norwegian Red Cross, major Norwegian NGO’s and more than 50 Norwegian suppliers of goods and services.

    NOREPS is preparing for international humanitarian emergencies by;
    -  Ensuring effective prepositioning of relief items in regional depots
    -  Fostering innovative solutions responding to the demands of the UN agencies and international organizations

    NOREPS supports Norwegian suppliers with advisory and partnerships services, enabling them to develop or combine products and solutions that are needed for a more effective humanitarian response.  Through NOREPS, Norwegian companies offer products and services to humanitarian and operations and development programmes.
    Read more about NOREPS

    International Trade Regulations
    There are rules and regulations that must be followed by Norwegian exporters to assure a legitimate international trade, but knowledge about trade regulations will also be cost- and time effective. Trade regulations, cultural environment and customers have an effect on your competitive advantages in a market. Without knowing the ground rules chaos can arise and expensive mistakes be made.  With training and competence in this field, it will be a matter of routine and can be used as a competitive advantage.

    In addition to our offices abroad Innovation Norway has an advisory service for EU and global trade regulations. We provide trade information through the Exporter’s Handbook and give training in trade subjects.

    We have specialists in certain areas of trade as international contracts, international delivery terms, international payment terms, Free Trade and rules of origin, export documents, marking-and labeling, product standards, customs fees and relations.

    EEA and Norway Grants
    EEA and Norway Grants are strengthening bilateral relations with EU countries and reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area

    Through EEA Grants and Norway Grants we support green industry innovation, research and technology in EU countries with special needs for economic development.

    Each program that will be set up within the area 'Green Industry Innovation' will contribute to the overall objective of increased competitiveness of green enterprises, including greening of existing industries, green innovation and green entrepreneurship.

    Innovation Norway is the program operator in Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. In Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and Spain we are the program partner to national program operators. Enterprises from these countries may apply for support. Partnership with Norwegian companies shall be given priority.

    The EEA and Norway Grant schemes within Green Industry Innovation and Industrial Research and Technology amounts to approximately 150 mill EUR in the present program period. All funds are allocated for this period, no calls for proposal are open at present. New Grant schemes are negotiated and are under development. When available they will be announced.

    Read more at the EEA and Norway Grants web page

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