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    Our services for start-up companies.

    Innovation Norway offer help to Entrepreneurs and promising Start-Ups who has growth ambitions and established an innovative business concept which represent something new and significant in the market.

    One of the main objectives is to help enterprises by removing barriers for global success.  Our services will contribute guidance in and to implementations of necessary measures that establishments meet at an early startup phase.

    Expertise and networking

    We help companies to build networks with investors and consult various forums where investors are looking for potential investments so that the realization of a company’s idea can be established. The connections can provide companies with developing their business capital, expertise or networks, and further help to implement great projects that otherwise would not have been realized.

    The services focus on:
    - Idea and Business development
    - Build a business model
    - How to protect your idea
    - How to obtain money
    - How to pitch an idea
    - Think international

    Entrepreneur phone
    Innovation Norway's Entrepreneur Phone is available for entrepreneurs to discuss their idea with us.

    Tel: (+47)22 00 25 00
    Opening hours:
    09.00 - 15.00 (Mon - Fri)
    Read more about the phone service (in Norwegian only)

    Mentoring service

    This service offers strategic mentors to general managers of start-up enterprises.  The objective of the service is to contribute to increased survival and growth among start-up enterprises.


    Start-up grants

    Promising start-ups with growth ambitions are eligible to apply for a start-up grant from Innovation Norway. The goal with this financial aid is to stimulate establishment of new enterprises, and the grants need to cover specified activities.

    What specific activities are start-up grants applicable for?

    Premarket Evaluation

    Puropse: Evaluate customer needs

    Relevant activities:
    - Customer surveys
    - Testing and development of solution
    - Networking and competence building

    The size of the grants given for premarket evaluation range from NOK 50 000 to NOK 100 000 depending on project complexity. If a company as a result of a completed premarket evaluation can document further growth potential, the company is eligible to apply for commercialization.


    Purpose: further the commercialization to help the company grow rapidly

    Relevant activities:
    - Product/ service development (including design or collaboration with pilot customers)
    - Protection of intellectual property
    - Development of brand strategy and visual identity
    - Other activities related to market introduction.

    The size of a start-up grant for commercialization will depend on the complexity of the project and on how much the company has received in grants before. For projects with national potential, the grant can be up to NOK 500 000 and for projects with international potention, up to NOK 700 000.


    Innovation Norway's IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) Advisory Team assists Norwegian companies in navigating the IPR landscape, and give advice on issues concerning copyright, patents and industrial design rights. The IPR Advisory Team contributes to the collection of correct information in order create a map of the IPR status in a company. When this information is analyzed, a company will be capable of creating value from their IPR. The company will be able to make better decisions with regards to protection and commercial use of their IPR.


    We also offer EU-counseling and international competence which you can read about on the pages for Growth companies and clusters and Internationalization.