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The travel and tourism sector within Innovation Norway work to promote a nationwide tourist and tourism development throughout the whole country in order to increase the overall economic growth within this industry.

In order to attract a greater proportion of tourists to Norway and to increase the profitability within the sector, we focus both on product and business development as well as international promotion and brand-building. This is done through various projects and activities in close partnership and cooperation with the travel industry.

The primary target group is the tourism industry in Norway. In close cooperation with the industry we work together on profile-raising and marketing activities prioritized market. Through this we wish to raise awareness of Norway as a travel destination among foreign tour operators, consumers and among journalists worldwide.

We offer the following services:

Marketing - We work to create awareness for Norway as a travel destination among target groups that are likely to travel to Norway. Through our campaigns we highlight experiences, activities and destinations that are relevant and attractive to our target groups. The campaigns aim to strengthen the industry’s own sales and marketing activities both internationally and in the domestic market.

Courses and competence – We offer a range of different courses and competence building services for the travel industry. We currently offer a range of courses throughout the country and since 2008 over 8000 companies have taken part in one or more of these.

Consulting – We aim to be an important competency organization for the travel and tourism industry. We are an independent knowledge based organization specializing in areas that are important for the travel industry, our partners and owners. We offer experience, research and insight to ensure that more companies and networks succeed.

Networks - The travel industry is fragmented and made up of a number of small companies. This provides challenges when it comes to the development of destinations, collaboration and the ability to provide comprehensive tourism products. We actively encourage and offer businesses and destinations to work together in various business networks that will give an added value to the participants.

Financing – We offer financial support to the travel industry. Have a look here to see financial services that are offered to businesses and entrepreneurs within this sector (only in Norwegian).

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