Architecture Go Global

 Sverre Jarild/DOGA
Sverre Jarild/DOGA
Seven Norwegian architecture companies have been chosen to participate in the Architecture Go Global program. They will receive expertise and capital during the export phase.

What is Architecture Go Global?

  • It will contribute to stronger international competitiveness and in the long term increase value creation in the Norwegian architecture industry.
  • It provides companies with both expertise and capital during the export phase.
  • It will strengthen the potential of selected architectural companies to be given international assignments
  • It is a collaboration between the Ministry of Culture, Innovation Norway and the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture 

Target audience

The target audience for the programme is established companies with their main activities being within architecture, landscape architecture or interior architecture. The company must have a strategic goal of exporting, and either be about to get, have received, or be working on, an international assignment. 

The programme is intended to be a helping hand for companies looking at international expansion and does not apply to those companies that are already well-established internationally.

What can we finance?

The funds may go primarily towards the purchase of necessary export expertise, but not to cover own hours or normal operations. The approved, calculated costs may be:

  • Financial and legal advice
  • PR & marketing expertise
  • Trademark protection/IPR
  • Travel as a result of the export work
  • Product web pages
  • A mentor
  • Other relevant costs

The programme is time limited and the companies can only participate once. The programme will start up in the autumn of 2017 and ends in the autumn of 2018.