Building a business

 Per Slagbrand/Innovation Norway
Per Slagbrand/Innovation Norway
Do you want to have control of your revenue and expenses? Building a business is a competence programme for creative companies with ambitions.

Building a Business is a competence programme for creative companies with ambitions. As a participant, you will gain insights into a practical and creative way to further develop your business, as well as access to good tools for managing and running a profitable business.

Through the programme, you will work on developing your business idea and business model. You will learn how you can involve your customers in the work on improving your products. You will also work on how to manage goals and tasks in your project.

During the Building a Business programme, you will learn how to use a web-based work tool for entrepreneurs. This allows you to work with the project in a "lean" way and focus on continuous improvement in the implementation. The tool also allows you to create a simple overview of your project that can be used as the basis for presentations and communication with partners and supporters.

Building a Business is run in collaboration with Lean Business International AS over 2 lunch-to-lunch meetings including a networking dinner.

The programme costs only NOK 1,250, but has a value of NOK 13,000.

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