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We have been working with cultural and creative industries for several years now. In October 2013, Innovation Norway initiated a three-year focus on cultural industries. In 2017 we were given our first assignment from the Ministry of Culture, to implement initiatives aimed at companies with growth ambitions and potential in the cultural and creative industries (CCI). This can make a big difference to those running a creative business and wanting to grow.

See also the initial report from the Advisory Council for the Cultural and Creative Industries

What is included in the term cultural and creative industries?

Business activities based on the production of cultural expression, such as (1) architecture, (2) computer games, (3) design, (4) film, (5) literature, (6) music, (7) advertising, (8) print media, 9) TV and radio, (10) visual arts, and (11) performing arts.

Which companies qualify?

In the target group are companies within the cultural and creative industries with growth ambitions and potential.

The Innovation Norway criteria is based on the EEA rules, and the requirement concerning level of innovation is key. Innovation can be within manufacturing and distribution, or a product, service or business model. On the other hand, innovation in your art form - e.g. an innovative piece - is not included.

Our focus has six different initiatives, all with different criteria, but common to all of them is that the business making the application must have both an ambition to grow and good potential for success.

All of Innovation Norway's instruments are available to Entrepreneurs and growth companies.

The focus on CCI comes in addition to existing entrepreneurship schemes. 
Read about Innovation Norway and all our instruments.

Note that many companies that apply for funding do not meet the criteria set for the grants. Therefore, take a good look at what is expected before you apply. Low news value and moderate market potential and/or a business model that is not very scalable are the most common reasons for rejection.

Which companies do not qualify?

There are many good business ideas, but Innovation Norway can unfortunately not finance all of these. If your company does not have growth ambitions and potential within CCI, then it does not qualify for assistance from Innovation Norway.

What must the funds go towards?

The funds must go towards the development of the business, not for the development or production of artistic and/or creative content. The funds can also not go towards sponsorship, to organisations or for profiling.


Innovation Norway has identified the creative industries as one of six areas of opportunity for the Norwegian economy.

There is a need to find new areas of development that encourage innovation and sustainable growth and development in today's society. The creative industries have received a lot of recognition both in the EU and internationally for being industries with significant economic growth and for having a growth in employment that is higher than other industries.

In addition to the fact that the industries are important in themselves, they are also of importance to other industries. A good example is the input factor of creative industries in both tourism and in the profiling of cities and nations. The creative industries also possesses a number of skills and methods that can be used successfully in other industries. With their expertise and mindset, the creative industries can contribute to greater diversity in other industries, which is essential for the innovation and transformation of tomorrow's Norway.

Read more about the areas of opportunity here.

Read the Dream Commitment Report for culture. The report is based on input from entrepreneurs and other actors in the cultural and creative sector. 

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