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  • Global Growth China Greentech 2022

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    For the fourth time, Innovation Norway invites Norwegian companies to an export program to explore the unique opportunities in the Chinese market.

    Norwegian version: Global Growth China Greentech 2022

    Innovation Norway has entered into a cooperation agreement with Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology. Based on this agreement, the project aims to position Norwegian companies towards Chinese partners for opportunities of adapting or piloting Norwegian environment-friendly technology and solutions for the local market. The long-term goal is for the partnerships to help Norwegian companies succeed in the Chinese market faster and with less risk.

    Who is the program suitable for?

    • You have a new, innovative or upgraded environment-friendly technology/product, within greentech, that is close to commercialization.
    • Greentech in this context refers to technologies or solutions that can make a positive impact on environment, including (but not limited to) clean or renewable energy, energy-saving technology, emission control, water and waste management, air quality, environmental monitoring, e-mobility, smart building, green production and environmentally friendly technologies in maritime, marine and oil and gas.
    • You have ambitions and can mobilize and allocate the necessary resources to pursue opportunities in China.

    What can you expect?

    We help you prepare a strategy and action plan to make yourself ready for entering the market. You will obtain general market intelligence and insights of industrial sectors of environment technology and clean energy of China. Such as:

    • Market intelligence: Current status and developing trend of clean technology  in China, and in Jiangsu particularly.
    • Local knowledge: Jiangsu's economic, social, cultural aspects and market experience
    • Business models: Legal options of doing business in the Chinese market by experts in the field.
    • Other commonly interested topics: IPR protection, staffing, taxation, partner search etc.
    • Promoting & networking events
    • Assistance in establishing contact and facilitating communications with Chinese partners in Jiangsu
    • Identification of possible financing opportunities for the relevant projects. 

    The project contains

    Kick-off workshop, June 2022.

    Digital or physical gatherings in the period August-November 2022, which include:

    • Preparing to do business in China.
    • Information and guidance related to Norway-China (Jiangsu) R&D co-financing program and IN’s relevant funding possibilities.
    • Pitch training
    • Networking and sharing experiences with other participating companies

    B2B meetings with relevant companies and potential partners.

    Norway-China Greentech Solutions Seminar early November 2022 to promote participating companies and technologies. 2 seminars in plan. Opportunity for market visit (TBD), in November 2022. 

    Endorsements from previous programs

    Dr Zuliang Liao, Project Development Department, Cambi Group (Program 2020):

    The Global Growth program has provided strong support for Norwegian environmental companies such as Cambi with Chinese national level policies in the sector, special focus of specified provinces and local main stakeholders such as in Jiangsu, in such a way that we can focus on key potential partners and projects in a very efficient way. In addition, Global Growth has also provided solid background of financial resources and critical evaluation of market potential that companies can benefit for promotion in China.”

    Espen Solberg, Global Commercial Director, Funzionano AS (Program 2021):

    It is impressive how Innovation Norway together with your partners in China have established these two days with so many people.

    We have for Funzionano got some interesting leads through you and hope to see more leads in the days/weeks to come.

    Several in our organization has done business in China for quite a long time, but we have had several eye-openers during the program.

    Participation fee

    Participation fee per company is NOK 20,000 for SMB and NOK 40,000 for large companies. 

    Direct costs for any travel and accommodation are covered by the companies.

    Deadline for registration is 15 May.

    Registration at our Norwegian page

    Do you want more information? Feel free to contact us:

    Qin Shi, Senior Advisor Innovation Norway Shanghai: qin.shi@innovationnorway.no, +8613817897197

    Lin Song, Senior Advisor Innovation Norway Bejing: lin.song@innovationnorway.no, +8618601327288

    Kjell Arne Nielsen, Special Advisor, Kjell.Arne.Nielsen@innovasjonnorge.no, Tel: +47 992 87 311.