Start-up grants

The financing service are meant as a financial contribution to promising start-ups who has growth ambitions and an established business concept which represent something new and significant in the market. The aim of the financial aid is to stimulate towards the successful establishment of new enterprises and contribute to the implementation of necessary measures they may need at an early startup phase.

What can companies get the start-up grants to?

Phase 1: Market Clarification
- Evaluate customer needs in the market.

Relevant activities may be:
• customer surveys
• user studies and other mapping to get more user insight
• testing and further development of the idea / solution
• costs related to networking and strengthening of expertise in business

Pledges in Phase 1 will be from NOK 50 000 - 150 000 - depending on the complexity of the project.

If you can document that your project is newsworthy and has growth potential after Phase 1 (Market clarification), the research may qualify for grants for Phase 2 (Commercialization).

Phase 2: Commercialization
- Activities related to further commercialization that help the company grow rapidly.

Relevant activities may be:
• product/service development (including design projects and/or collaboration with pilot customers)
• protection of intellectual property rights
• development of brand strategy, visual identity, website, profile materials and other activities that ensure a comprehensive and best possible market introduction

Pledges in phase 2 is up to NOK 800 000.

Who can receive grants?
Grants are given to companies who have been registered as an enterprise for less than 3 years. Companies that have been registered for less than 5 years may qualify for Phase 2 (commercialization).