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  • Grants for Environmental Technology

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    The environmental technology scheme provides grants for development and demonstration of innovative products or processes that solve an environmental problem.

    Norwegian version.

    Testing environmental technology at full scale may be very expensive and the potential return on investment is uncertain. Through this funding scheme, the State assumes part of the risk associated with developing, building and testing environmental technology.

    Grants provided by Innovation Norway must comply with EU State aid regulations. The rules require that the State aid provided must not exceed what is necessary to realise the project.

    Funding provided by Innovation Norway will be based on an overall assessment of the enterprise and project. The grant will only partially cover project costs; additional funding must be obtained from other sources.

    The Environmental Technology Scheme provides funding for innovation projects. The purpose of an innovation project is to develop or significantly improve a new product, process or service. At the core of the project are research and development activities. Our grants for innovation projects are intended to strengthen the enterprise’s competitiveness and trigger the potential for sustainable growth. The overarching goal is lasting value creation in Norway.

    Read more about the criteria for all of Innovation Norway’s innovation grants here.


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