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    Our services for companies in the establishment phase.

    Advisory services for startups 

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    Startup advisory 

    You can discuss your business idea with advisors in Innovation Norway, and get tips and advice on the process further. 

    Intellectual property rights 

    How can you protect your intangible assets? Do you need help to see how your companies intangible assets can increase revenue? We can spar with you and give you objective advice. 

    Mentoring service 

    Do you want a personal follow-up of your company over time? The mentoring service is an offer for startup managers. We connect you with experienced business people and find a mentor that suits your business.

    We have expanded the mentoring service in connection with the coronary pandemic, and offer a mentor for emergency assistance to innovative companies.

    Financial services for startups 

    Grants for market clarification 

    Do you have a business idea that represents something new in the market? We can provide you with grants to test if there is a market for your solution. 

    Grants for commercialization

    After testing and confirming that there is a market for your solution, you can apply for financing to establish an economically sustainable business model and launch your solution in the market. 

    The proportion of grants Innovation Norway can provide has increased due to the corona crisis.

    Innovation loans 

    Innovation loans can be used for commercialisation new solutions, strengthening working capital, growth and internationalisation. 

    Startup loans 

    Startup loans can be used for development and preparations for growth in the company. Together with investor capital, the loan could provide more capital to the company than a grant.

    As a result of the corona crisis, Innovation Norway has increased its maximum loan amount and extended the interest-free period. Requirements for both equity and bail have been reduced.

    Startup companies can now receive both Grants for Market Clarification, Grants for Commercialization - phase 1, Grants for Commercialization - phase 2, and Startup Loans.

    Grants for innovation contracts 

    Do you work with a customer on an innovative project that has international potential? Innovation contracts provide financial risk relief. 

    Growth Guarantee 

    The Growth Guarantee aims to strengthen access to bank financing for innovative or fast-growing small and medium-sized businesses. 


    Courses and competence 

    Skyskrapere i New York

    From Idea to Market 

    Are you an entrepreneur and wondering how to develop a profitable business? Do you have ambitions for growth? The course From idea to market gives you tips on how to take your idea one step further. 

    Startup Extreme 

    Do you want to meet leading international startups and potential investors, while also parachuting, skydiving and rafting? Then you should sign up for Startup Extreme.


    Are you between the ages of 18 and 25 and want to start your own business? Would you like to learn how to develop an idea and your leadership skills? Then you should attend Emax. 

    Market Clarification Workshop 

    Who is willing to pay the right price for your product, and where are these customers? Do many need your solution so that you can build a profitable business? We help you with important market clarifications. 

    Global Accelerators 

    Innovation Norway offers several global accelerator programs to help startup and growth companies compete and grow in an international market. 

    Global Growth Export Program 

    We have several export programs for groups of companies every year. The purpose is to help established companies succeed in international markets.