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    Our services for tourism and agriculture companies. Several of them have been updated due to the corona crisis.

    As a result of the corona crisis, several of the services have been updated to help businesses with more funding.

    Our services for the Agriculture sector

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    Photo: Getty Images

    Traditional farming 
    Would you like to invest in an office building, buy property or additional land? Or do you need to invest in a generational shift on the farm? We can finance profitable projects.   

    Supplementary industry 
    Do you want to develop a supplementary industry on the farm? You can apply for grants and loans if you have a profitable project. 

    Housing on the farm 
    Do you need new or improved housing on the farm? We can offer loans to make the investment. 

    Renewable energy in agriculture 
    Do you plan to build renewable energy production plants, bioenergy or produce bioenergy tile? We provide grants for investments, investigations and competence measures. 

    Growth funding 
    Are you a provider of local food and drinks; local food experiences; tourism experiences; inland fishing; or are you part of the reindeer industry? Then we have services for you. 

    Reindeer based growth and value creation 
    Do you want to increase value in reindeer meat production? We can provide grants for business development and skills, and marketing initiatives. 

    Business network for agriculture 
    Does your company need help to strengthen collaboration with other companies; build trust; identify common challenges and interests? We have the service for you. 

    Competence network for agriculture 
    Would you like to learn more about how to create value based on agricultural and reindeer herding industries? We offer courses and tailored competence activities for you and your company.


    Our services for the Tourism sector 

     Photo: Getty Images
    Photo: Getty Images

    Financing of tourism activities 
    We offer loans, grants and guarantees to the tourism industry. There are no separate financing schemes for tourism, but most of our regular financing services are offered to the tourism industry. 

    Destination development 
    Do you want to develop your destination? We can help with advice, information, and financing. 

    The label for sustainable destinations 
    The marking scheme is a tool fto systematize the work on sustainability for a destination. Innovation Norway can provide advice and financing. 

    Courses and expertise for the tourism industry 
    We organise courses for the tourism industry, often in collaboration with other players in the industry.