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  • Workshop: International Market Development - Smart Mobility

    Brand New Offer: Innovation Norway is glad to offer companies within the industry segment Smart Mobility a tailormade workshop. The program is based on our popular line of workshops; International Market Development.

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    This is a strategy workshop with the purpose of enabling companies to confirm their international business model and plan for new market introductions.

    The path towards international growth is about understanding the needs and presuppositions of your new and prospective customers, what kind of competitors you must relate to, and what are the local regulations and trends in the actual market. It is about understanding trade regulations, business culture, and how to handle business risks. Our aim for the workshop is to enable you to grow faster at lower risk.

    Is your company ready to enter new international markets?

    What should you expect?

    During four online sessions you will meet and practise methods to:

    • Map external factors that might influence your business model in the new market
    • Test which markets might be ready for your solution
    • Develop your business model, to fit new markets
    • Develop an understanding of your critical success factors to succeed internationally
    • Prepare a plan for the onward path to market introduction

    The sessions are facilitated by our internationalisation advisors. Experts from our Export centre, Brand Advisory team, legal and financial advisors, and our international offices with special competence on Smart Mobility, will contribute during the workshops.

    The structure of the workshop is a mix of presentations, individual work by each company, and group discussions. Innovation Norway’s team will be available for consultation during and in between the sessions.


    The workshop consists of four online sessions. The schedule (to be finally confirmed) is as follows:

    January 28th: 08:30-12:30
    February 4th: 08.30-12:00
    February 11th: 08:30-12:30
    February 18th: 08.30-12:00

    All companies are encouraged to be present with at least two persons with central positions in bringing the company to new international market places. The workshop is free of charge, but individual work ahead of the workshop, during the actual sessions, and in between the workshop sessions is expected and required to gain maximum value from the workshop series.

    Target group:

    The target group for the workshop are companies within the smart mobility segment, who are actively seeking international growth and new market entry during the next twelve months. Our definition of “Smart Mobility” is wide, including land, water & air mobility, software, hardware and vehicles, manned or autonomous solutions, and more.

    How to qualify and apply

    Established companies with a proven business model and growth record will be given priority. Companies that can be categorizes as “born globals”, i.e., newly established companies with ability to scale internationally fast, will also be considered.

    Innovation Norway will do a validation of the companies based on the criteria above. 4-6 companies will be selected to participate in the workshop.

    Apply by latest 23rd December or contact Gaute Tosterud for more information: gaute.andersen.tosterud@innovasjonnorge.no / +47 40 454 454.




    Deadline:23 Dec 2021

    Contact:Gaute Andersen Tosterud

    It is no longer possible to register. See web page for more dates

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